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Populists helping ISIS sow fear, says sole Czech Muslim legislator Hassan Mezian

02-03-2015 17:13 | Ian Willoughby

Hassan Mezian, photo: Martin Vlček, Wikimedia CC BY 3.0 Hassan Mezian is the only Muslim legislator in the Czech Parliament. The Social Democrat senator moved to Prague from Damascus to study medicine in 1967, and, apart from spells in his native Syria and elsewhere, has spent most of his life practicing in the central Bohemian town of Litoměřice. When we met at the Senate, our conversation took in Syria, Czech Muslim life, and growing anti-Muslim populism in politics. But first I was curious to hear about Dr. Mezian’s period treating Bedouins during his military service.   More

Sports News

Sports News

02-03-2015 16:11 | Ian Willoughby

Lukáš Bauer, photo: CTK In Sports News this Monday: Bauer takes silver in last ever cross country World Championships; Jágr off to bright start at Florida; Třínec come first in Extraliga regular season; Šafářová wins sixth career title in Doha; Plzeň extend league lead after...  More

Current Affairs

Andrej Babiš adopts combative tone following re-election as ANO leader

02-03-2015 13:39 | Dominik Jůn

Andrej Babiš, photo: ČTK Andrej Babiš was re-elected leader of his ANO party on Saturday, gaining the approval of 186 delegates gathered for the party's annual congress in Prague. Expressing surprise over his 100 percent victory, Mr. Babiš sounded a combative, partisan tone to the party faithful. The Finance Minister’s harshest words were targeted at his fellow coalition partners, the Social Democrats. I spoke with political analyst Jiří Pehe for his take on Babiš’s victory:  More

Sunday Music Show

DVA – Idiosyncratic folk-pop duo win admirers at home and abroad

01-03-2015 02:01 | Ian Willoughby

DVA, photo: Minority Records DVA, comprising Bára Kratochvílová and Jan Kratochvíl, have been on the go since the mid-2000s, creating a highly distinctive brand of quirky folk-pop sung in their own made-up language. The pair have regularly toured abroad, building an impressive profile in the US and around Europe. Their pair’s latest release is 2014’s Nipomo, which recently picked up the Vinyl LP of the year prize.   More

Czech Books

Martin Reiner and a poet in the maelstrom of the 20th century

28-02-2015 02:01 | David Vaughan

Photo: Torst It is not often that one book receives two major Czech literary awards within a few weeks, but that is just what happened at the end of last year in the case of Martin Reiner’s documentary novel Básník – in English “Poet”. In November the book won the...  More

An American foodie goes to Prague

A Vietnamese paradise in the heart of the Czech Republic

28-02-2015 02:01 | Halley Crane

Pho, photo: Halley Crane For anyone in the Czech Republic wanting to experience the freshest and most authentic Vietnamese dishes, my advice is: skip the travel agent – you don’t need a ticket to Vietnam. The Sapa Market, located on the outskirts of Prague, offers an amazing array of Vietnamese language, food, and culture.   More


Chair designed by Czech architect offers parents of premature children greater in-hospital privacy

27-02-2015 16:07 | Jan Velinger

Photo: archive of Black Back studio In this week’s Arts, meet the Prague-based architect and designer Petr Schwarzbeck. He made headlines recently for the design of a special egg-shaped chair which in the future could allow parents of premature babies a better opportunity to bond with their newborn while still in the hospital.  More

Current Affairs

Czech and German authorities announce joint investigation into mysterious noxious fumes

27-02-2015 14:38 | Dominik Jůn

Photo: Juan de Vojníkov, CC BY-SA 3.0 The Czech Ministry of the environment is launching a joint investigation with German authorities following countless complaints of noxious smells alleged to be seeping across the border into Germany. Inhabitants in the state of Saxony are pointing the...  More


Jihlava primary school teachers bring creative approach to the classroom

26-02-2015 16:31 | Daniela Lazarová

Lukáš Heřman, photo: archive of Lukáš Heřman Getting young children interested in learning a foreign language is not always easy, but two teachers at a primary school in the town of Jihlava appear to have done the trick. Lukáš Heřman, an English and gym teacher, and Lukáš Javorek, a math and geography...  More


Czech firm aims to go global with water saving device

25-02-2015 16:18 | Jan Richter

Photo: archive of Watersavers A Brno-based firm believes that a simple device they have designed could conserve major amounts of drinking water. The company, aptly named Watersavers, produces a faucet aerator which reduces water consumption by up to 80 percent while creating the illusion of a full water flow.   More

In Focus

Czech chimney climbers’ association thrives, but new challenges present problem

24-02-2015 15:36 | Chris Johnstone

Photo: Jiří Němec The Czech Republic boasts perhaps one of the strangest associations around, a group dedicated to climbing industrial chimneys in their spare time. And the more than 30 year old organisation, which started with a small group of teenagers in the Communist...  More

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