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Besides a large number of international organisations, several countries have expressed solidarity with the Czech Republic, offering machinery, monetary aid and man power. On Saturday, Italy sent water pumps and drying equipment, over 70 fire fighters from the German city of Frankfurt and 82 fire fighters from southern Poland set off to help the flood affected areas, and useful machinery is on its way from Great Britain and Sweden. The Russian embassy as well as the Israeli Foreign Minister, Simon Peres, also offered their country's help to the flood-hit areas.

Furthermore, in a telephone conversation on Saturday, the U.S. President, George Bush, told his Czech counterpart Vaclav Havel that the USA would help the Czech Republic recover from the devastating floods with every possible means. According to the U.S. embassy in Prague, some 500,000 U.S. dollars have already been provided for immediate aid. The American embassy also offered to take over care and cleaning of Kampa island, one of the hardest hit parts of Prague as well as collect donations from U.S. firms and U.S. citizens living in the Czech Republic to be used for the reconstruction of Kampa park. According to the CTK news agency, the United States also plans to offer engineer equipment to those areas affected by the floods that it liberated in World War Two. This would involve the West Bohemian town of Plzen and the South Bohemian town of Pisek. A diplomatic source in Washington told the news agency that a proposal has already been submitted to the Czech side. Details are expected to be discussed during a meeting between U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic Craig Stapleton, and the Mayor of Plzen on Tuesday.