Hittin' the Highway


In this week's edition of ABC of Czech we are talking about traveling - cestování, or to be more exact hitting the highway. But before we hit the road, we will find out what Czechs hit when they set out for a trip.

Unlike English speakers, Czechs don't hit the road, they hit boots - oni prásknou do bot! When Czechs set out for a trip they might say, prásknem do bot - let's hit the road! Like the English expression to hit the road, the Czech expression prásknout do bot isn't only used for travelling. It is also used when someone gets angry and runs off, then you would say: on práskl do bot - he hit the road! Or if you get angry at someone and want them to hit the road, you can say: práskni do bot! - hit the road! But today we don't want to send anyone packing except for a trip, so back to travelling...

The summer holidays - dovolená in the Czech Republic are a whirlwind of weekend trips and last minute vacations. Most people, especially those living in big cities like Prague, spend weekends at a cabin - chata or vacation house - chalupa. A chata is a summer home that has always been used for vacations. It may not have running water and is probably made from wood. Whereas a chalupa is a summer home that actually served as a home in the past. A chalupa is frequently located in a village.

While some people may plan their vacation ahead of time, last minute vacations are a phenomenon in the Czech Republic. Travellers wait until the last minute and then check a travel agency - cestovní kanceláø for deals when trips are available to exotic locations for low prices. Last minute deals usually include accommodations - ubytování but not necessarily transportation - doprava.

That is all the time we have today. Until next time - zatím! Mìjte se! Enjoy yourselves! ¹»astnou cestu! Bon Voyage!


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