The centre-right government led by Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek has won a vote of confidence in the lower house.


The country's recently-named centre-right government made up of the Civic Democrats, the Christian Democrats, and the Greens, has won its vote of confidence in the lower house. As expected, all 100 coalition MPs voted in favour, while 98 opposition MPs from amongst the Social Democrats and Communists voted against. Crucial was the absence of two rebel Social Democrat MPs - Milos Melcak and Michal Pohanka - who were absent during the vote in order to uphold an agreement decided earlier this week, in which both MPs pledged to tolerate the government in order to help bring an end to seven months of political deadlock. The MPs negotiated a number of concessions in return, including a promise by the prime minister that the cabinet will negotiate all key reforms with the opposition.