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Industry and trade minister says EU sanctions could see 2.2 billion crowns in revenues lost

EU sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis, could lead to losses in revenue of around 2.2 billion crowns for Czech firms and lead to the loss of some 700 jobs, Industry and Trade Minister Jan Mládek said on Friday at a joint-press conference with Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. Additionally, counter-measures announced by Russia could threaten an additional 300 million. The Czech government has tasked a work group including deputy ministers and the state secretary for European affairs to gauge developments and the potential impact of existing sanctions.

Ukraine’s prime minister has said, meanwhile, that sanctions being prepared by Russia could threaten Russian natural gas deliveries through the Ukraine to the EU. Industry and Trade Minister Jan Mládek suggested that the Czech Republic in such an event could import natural gas through other channels such as Nordstream, but said that countries south of Slovakia would be harder hit. Oil deliveries, he indicated, would present a more difficult problem to solve.

Chief hygiene officer says mandatory checks will not be introduced at Czech airports over Ebola

The Czech Republic will not introduce mandatory checks of passengers at its airports over Ebola, the country’s chief hygiene officer, Vladimír Valenta, said on Friday. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the spread of Ebola in West Africa an international health emergency, requiring a coordinated international response. The chief hygiene officer referred to the European commissioner for health who has described the danger of the spread of the disease to EU countries as “extremely low”. The Czech Republic will focus on providing information for the time being. Hygiene officer Valenta made clear it was not recommended to travel to countries hit by the Ebola outbreak if at all possible.

Hit-and-run suspect to remain in custody

A 24-year-old suspect in a hit-and-run in Prague this week, which claimed the life a young woman, will remain in custody awaiting trial. The district court for Prague 2 issued the decision on Friday with the judge saying there was a danger the suspect could otherwise influence witnesses. The suspect, who fled the scene without attempting to help the mortally-wounded 21-year-old, gave himself up to the police the same evening. He is charged with gross negligence leading to death, driving under the influence of an illicit drug, and failure to provide emergency assistance; if found guilty, he could spend up to eight years in jail.

Czech candidate for EU commissioner to meet Juncker at end of August

The Czech Republic’s Minister for Regional Development Věra Jourová, whom the Czech government has nominated for EU commissioner, will meet European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in late August, Ms Jourova confirmed Friday to the Czech News Agency. The minister had her first meeting with Martin Selmayr, the head of Juncker´s cabinet, in Brussels on Thursday. After the meeting, she expressed confidence she had a good chance of heading the regional development portfolio in the EC. The Czech Republic’s nominee was originally to meet Juncker on Thursday, but he postponed the date of their meeting until the end of August to be able to meet first with all the candidates for EU commissioner from all of the member states.

Chamber of Deputies adjourns for summer, postponing civil service reform

The lower house of Czech parliament adjourned after a brief session on Friday until August 27. This means that contentious civil service reforms, being hotly debated by the coalition government and also the opposition TOP 09 and ODS parties will be postponed until MPs return from their summer vacation. Reforms to the civil service, designed to reduce political influence over bureaucratic institutions, were thrown into doubt this week by a controversial compromise measure, which would place oversight of bureaucrats in the hands of the Ministry of the Interior rather than an independent body.

Dienstbier rejects accusations his bureau has not cooperated

The government minister for human rights, Jiří Dienstbier, held a special press conference on Friday where he rejected accusations his bureau was not cooperating fully after a disagreement on new civil service legislation. He said his office had, on the contrary, been providing the Interior Ministry with the relevant documentation since Thursday morning. He also denied that he and the prime minister were at odds over the legislation, despite having slammed a compromise by the coalition over the bill a day earlier. Mr Dienstbier criticised the agreement as it would place oversight of bureaucrats in the hands of the Ministry of the Interior rather than an independent body headed by a so-called “super-bureaucrat”, which was originally envisaged by the government.

Agriculture minister says buy Czech to combat Russian sanctions impact

Agriculture minister Marian Jurečka has urged Czechs to make an effort to purchase locally grown produce to combat the impact of Russian sanctions. On Thursday, Moscow announced a ban on fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products from the EU to last for one year in retaliation for sanctions imposed by Russia over its alleged involvement in the Ukraine conflict. In making his appeal, Jurečka also added that Russia "must not step on the principles of freedom and democracy on which European society is based."

Jobless rate stagnates in July

The Czech jobless rate stagnated at 7.4 percent in July, despite analyst expectations of a slight increase. In July, the number of those unemployed was just over five hundred and forty-one thousand, up by almost 11,000 year-on-year, according to the Employment Office. Job vacancies, meanwhile, have risen over a period of several months. The coming months, could nevertheless see an increase as seasonal work wraps up. The unemployment rate had fallen steadily since January when it stood at 8.6 percent.

Mother of murdered newborn arrested

Police in Krnov have arrested a 29-year-old woman on suspicion of having violently murdered her newborn baby shortly after birth, a police spokesman revealed Friday. The woman was admitted to hospital a day earlier due to heavy bleeding which doctors quickly realized was birth-related. Police sent to the suspect’s home found the body.

Football: Sparta last Czech club with chance of progressing in Europa League

All three Czech teams in third round qualifying matches for the Europa League on Thursday suffered heavy defeats, meaning that only one Czech team, domestic league champions Sparta, still have any chance of progressing. On Thursday Plzeň lost 5:2 against Ploješť, Mladá Boleslav fell to Lyon by a lopsided score of 2:6 and Liberec lost to Giurgiu by the same margin.

Sparta, defeated in the Champions League, faces the Netherlands’ PEC Zwolle.