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Czech president warns against mounting religious hatred

Czech president Miloš Zeman warned against the spread of religious hatred at a commemoration at the Terezín National Memorial on Sunday. The head of state said that whereas the 1940s were characterised by race hated, the current danger came from religious hatred. And ha called again for action to be taken against the bases operated by radical Islamists. The Terezín commemoration was also attended by prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka, several ministers, and heads of both houses of parliament. Terezín was the main Czech camp used by the Nazis for opponents and Jews during World War II.

Interior minister says referendum could be called over immigration policy

Minister of Interior Milan Chovanec said Sunday that a referendum could be called in the Czech Republic on immigration policy. Speaking on Czech Television’s flagship current affairs programme, Chovanec said he believed that a referendum was an option that could be offered if European Union pressure for a single immigration policy continued. The European Commission this week proposed quotas for countries to accept refugees in a move to relieve the burden of some of the countries facing the most pressure from immigrants, such as Italy and Greece. The Czech government, along with most countries in the region, has already voiced its opposition to quotas but said it is willing to do more to help. Chovanec first mooted a referendum on immigration policy at the end of last year.

Czechs book holidays in greater numbers

Czechs are booking their holidays in increased numbers this year in spite of the low level of the crown making some vacations more expensive, according to the Association for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators. Increased booking have also resulted from an ebbing interest in last minute offers, the association added. Many destinations outside Europe are more expensive due to the strength of the dollar against the crown. Some though have seen price cuts with Dubai around a third cheaper than last year and Tunisia around a quarter less expensive.

Accidental death ruled out in double holiday deaths: report

Two versions of how a Czech husband could have killed his wife and daughter on a holiday in Egypt in the summer of 2013 have resulted from an expert analysis, the daily Právo has reported. According to the first version, Petr Kramný killed his wife Monikand eight-year-old daughter Klárka using a live electric cable when they were both talking a shower in the hotel room. The second version suggests they were electrocuted as they slept in their beds. The paper says the analysis rules out accidental death. The deaths were initially put down to poisoning. Petr Kramný has been charged with double murder and could face a life sentence if found guilty. He has denied the charges. The court case still has to be heard.

Separatist Czech leader of Liberland Republic detained by Croatian police

Croatian police detained the Czech Vít Jedlička along with another 10 people on Saturday for illegally crossing the Croat-Serb border, according to local media. He was detained for the same reason and fined a week ago. Jedlička in mid-April declared the autonomous Republic of Liberland on territory between Croatia and Serbia in a move which Czech authorities have distanced themselves from. In the latest incident, Jedlička was apprehended after he crossed the Danube from Serbia and stepped onto Croatian territory.

Czechs see US take Bronze medal after 0:3 loss in ice hockey worlds

In ice hockey, the Czech team lost against the US 0:3 and failed to take the Bronze position in the World Championships. Nick Bonino opened the scoring in the 8th minute with Trevor Lewis adding a second in the last minute of the period. The Czechs stepped up the pressure in the second period but failed to convert their chances despite at one stage having a four minute power play. Against the run of play Charlie Coyle added a third goal in the 40th minute. The Czech team therefore finished in fourth position, the same place as last year in Minsk.

Czechs to face US for ice hockey world championships bronze position

In ice hockey, the Czechs will face the US for the bronze medal position in the world championships on Sunday afternoon. The US were beaten 4:0 by Russia, the current champions, who will compete with Canada for first place on Sunday night. The US-Russia contest remained goalless until the 47th minute when Sergei Mozyakin broke the deadlock. Goals followed in the 51st, 55th, and 58th minutes. Earlier, Czech star Jaromír Jágr said his team’s main problem had been not to convert early chances in the game against Canada. Canada scored without reply in the first two periods and controlled much of the match.