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Some 200 people protest against Arab spa-goers in Teplice

Around 200 people took part in a demonstration at a popular park in Teplice on Friday to protest against the presence of visitors from Arab countries who vacation at the local spa resorts or have bought property in the area. Many of the protestors brought their dogs, charging that the park had been taken over by the foreigners, and accusing them of leaving areas in "disarray" or of behaving inappropriately. The event was attended by politician Tomio Okamura as well as members of anti-Islam initiatives and even members of extremist groups, sources reported. Some opponents of the demonstration, such as Teplice councillor Dominik Feri, have called for a constructive dialogue on the issue and for locals to "not allow themselves be manipulated by extremists".

Czech Environmental Inspectorate, other officials, to try and determine source of elevated PCB in Labe's alluvial plain near Germany

The Czech Environmental Inspectorate and officials from Povodí Labe are working to try and discover the source of unusually high levels of PCB in the river's alluvial plain near Germany, new website iDnes reports. According to the site, levels are considerably higher than normal although water in the river has remained largely unaffected. Across the border, German authorities have also registered a high presence of the substance in the sediment. Polychlorinated biphenyl was used in the past as a coolant but also had many other industrial applications. It is now banned or restricted in many countries.

Police search for man who could provide vital information in Hradec Králové hold-up

Police in Hradec Králové are searching for a young man who may have witnessed moments preceding a hold up in the city last month in which two unknown perpetrators targeted a motorist transporting money for a local firm. Video from a CCTV system suggest the potential witness was in the area shortly before the incident. In the hold-up, the duo backed into the targeted vehicle with their own, before jumping out and using a tear gas spray on the driver. They escaped with a reportedly high but undisclosed amount of funds. Their Mitsubishi was found abandoned not far off. Investigators suggest the perpetrators may have had additional accomplices who helped with their escape.

President repeats stance on issues including migration and radical Islam

President Miloš Zeman, responding online to questions by readers of Parlamentní listy, took the opportunity to outline or repeat his stance on a number of key issues, among them the migration crisis, the euro, financial aid to Greece, and radical Islam. While he took the view that the migration problem was "probably" the greater immediate threat, Mr Zeman reiterated that he would call for a joining of international forces against terrorism at the UN General Assembly meeting in the autumn. On the migration issue, President Zeman said he would support the arrival of a number of migrants from Ukraine, who he not long ago called "hard working" and "culturally close".

Three suffer light injuries in bus crash near Rozvadov

A German bus with tourists crashed on the D5 highway early on Saturday morning near the Rozvadov crossing. Three people suffered minor injuries but were taken to hospital for treatment. The driver explained he had swerved to avoid hitting a deer, the Czech News Agency said.

Calls may continue even in metro tunnels

Passengers on Prague's "A" line could be the first in Prague's metro network to be able to make or continue phone calls even between stations, news website iDnes reports. According to iDnes, a contract is to be signed next week by the Prague Public Transit Authority which will pave the way for the changes. Operators suggest that the upgrade to the existing infrastructure will take around four months to complete. If the project goes ahead, Line "C" could be next. Making all the tunnels compatible would represent an investment of around half a billion crowns, iDnes reported.

Tennis: Štepánek defeated in quarterfinal in Bogota

Czech tennis player Radek Štěpánek was unable to seal the deal against Ivo Karlovič of Croatia in their quarterfinal in the ATP tournament in Bogota. The Czech led after winning the first set but the match was interrupted by rain. When play resumed, he lost the next two sets. The final score was 6:3, 6:7, 4:6.