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Record number of new HIV cases recorded in Czech Republic

Doctors in the Czech Republic registered 242 new cases of HIV infection between the start of the year and the end of November, the Czech News Agency reported on Sunday, citing data of the National Reference Laboratory for HIV/AIDS. It is already seven more than for the whole of 2013, which saw the highest number, 235, of new HIV cases. Since the beginning of the year, 27 people developed AIDS and seven patients died as a result of the illness.

First part of beatification of victims of 1950's political trial completed

The first part of the process of beatification of Czech priests Jan Bula and Václav Drbola, who were sentenced to death and executed in 1951, has been completed. The process will now continue in Rome. Eleven men, including the two priests, were executed in one of the most controversial show-trials of the period, which followed the shooting of three communist officials in the village of Babice in South Moravia in July 1951 and which the Stalinist authorities used as an excuse for widespread reprisals.

Three migrants escape from detention facility in Vyšní Lhoty

Three people escaped from a detention facility for migrants in Vyšní Lhoty in Moravia on Saturday night, the spokeswoman for the Czech Foreign Police, Kateřina Rendlová, told the Czech News Agency on Sunday. The men, who were from Afghanistan, Algeria and Libya, wanted to be released from the facility in order to seek asylum elsewhere in Europe, and it is therefore likely that they will attempt to leave the Czech Republic. According to the Foreign Police spokeswoman, none of them has any links to organised crime. The police are now searching for the migrants.

Czechs among highest consumers of salt in Europe

Czechs are the third biggest consumers of salt in Europe, followed by Hungarians and Macedonians, Czech Radio reported on Sunday, citing organizers of the 4th Czech Salt Awareness Week. Czechs consume between 10 to 15 grams of salt a day, which is roughly twice the amount recomended by the World Health Organisation. Doctors are warning that children consume excessive amounts of salt and develop addiction to salt at an early age as a result. According to doctors, the highest amount of salt is consumed in smoked meat products, cheese and processed foods.

Prague Zoo claims to have the biggest living giant salamander

The biggest living Chinese giant salamander in the world probably lives in Prague zoo. The amphibian, called Karlo, measures 158 centimetres and weighs around 35 kilos. It was obtained by Prague zoo 19 months ago from Germany's Karlsruhe. Prague zoo-keepers measured the beast after China recently reported a discovery of a 140-centimetre salamander in a cave in the southwest of the country. The giant salamanders, which occure in China and Taiwan, are classified as critically endangered species.

Czechs beat Russia in final game of Channel One Cup

The Czech Republic's ice hockey team beat Russia 4:2 in the final game of the Euro Hockey Tour's Channel One Cup in Moscow on Sunday. The Czech squad, lead by coach Vladimír Vůjtek, could still win the tournament in case that Finland loses to Sweden in the Karjala Cup match, which is totake place on Sunday afternoon.

Women's biathlon: Gabriela Soukalová takes silver in mass start event in Pokljuka

The leading Czech women’s competitor in the biathlon, Gabriela Soukalová, came second in the 12.5 kilometre mass start event in Pokjuka, Slovenia on Sunday. The 26-year-old athelete finished 12 seconds behind the winner Kaisa Mäkäräinen of Finland with no missings in the shooting range and has once again clinched the overall World Cup lead. Another Czech racer, Veronika Vítková, finished in the fourth place.

Hockey: Czech Republic beats Sweden 3:1 in Channel One Cup

The Czech Republic's ice hockey team beat Sweden 3:1 in their second game at the Channel One Cup, part of the Euro Hockey Tournament, on Saturday in Moscow. The team, lead by coach Vladimír Vůjtek, took full points for the first time in the season. The Czechs will face Russia in their next game on Sunday.