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Police’s internal affairs unit GIBS investigating possible leaks of information from force

The police’s internal affairs unit GIBS is reported to be launching an investigation into whether ANO party leader Andrej Babis was not privy to classified information regarding open cases being investigated by the police’s unit for fighting organized crime. According to the daily Pravo suspicions that this might be the case arose after Mr. Babis publicly accused the Social Democrats of enforcing a police reform in order to gain control over this unit which he said was investigating sensitive cases some of which were linked to the party. Among the cases he mentioned was an investigation into the Plzen company Skoda Transportation despite the fact that no information had been released on the case.

Christian Democrats want new meeting of National Security Council on police reform

The Christian Democrats of the ruling coalition will request another meeting of the National Security Council by July 24th, according to party deputy chair Marian Jurečka. The council should be informed about the final version of the police reform including changes made at the request of state attorneys. Mr. Jurečka said it was essential for the government and parliament to be given clear and transparent information regarding the aim of the police reform, the functioning of the new structures, the division of powers and cooperation with the State Attorney’s Office.

Commemorative ceremony for Anthropoid paratroopers

A commemorative ceremony took place at the Church of Cyril and Methodius in Prague on Saturday to commemorate the brave act of resistance of Czechoslovak paratroopers who assassinated Acting Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich in 1942. Jozef Gabčík and Jana Kubiš, together with five others who were part of Operation Anthropoid hid in this Prague church for five days until they were tracked down by the SS, leading to a final, desperate gun battle on June 18th. Heydrich’s assassination became a symbol of Czech independence and was later hailed as an important moment in the resistance movement. His death led to a wave of revenge acts, including the Lidice and Ležáky massacres.

Čechomor bandleader collapses during concert

The bandleader of the highly popular group Čechomor Frantisek Černy was rushed to hospital in Ostrava after collapsing in the middle of the band’s concert at Ostrava’s Beerfest late on Friday. According to the group’s manager the 58-year-old founder of the band remains in hospital. No details have been released regarding his condition.

Police suspect blood donor of knowingly infecting others with hepatitis C

The police is dealing with the case of a plasma blood donor who infected three people with hepatitis C. Tests failed to reveal the infection in its early stages although the donor was apparently aware of the risks. According to doctors who diagnosed the disease the man had needle pricks on his arms, signs of intravenous drug use. If the man is charged and convicted of knowingly infecting others he could face a year in prison. It would be the first such case to come to court in the Czech Republic.

Czechs tie against Croatia at Euro 2016

A goal from Milan Skoda and a crucial penalty shot from Tomas Necid helped the Czech team snatch a 2-2 draw with Croatia in a dramatic Euro 2016 Group D encounter on Friday. It is the first time at Euro 2016 that a team has come back from two goals down, giving the Czech team a badly-needed extra point. The match was briefly disrupted by flares thrown onto the pitch by Croatia's fans.

Meteorologists predicting tropical heatwave

Meteorologists predict a tropical heatwave in the coming week with temperatures reaching 34 degrees Celsius next weekend. The heatwave is expected to last until the end of the month with a drop in temperatures expected at the beginning of July. The coming week should also bring heat storms around the country.