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Social Democrat leader expresses optimism Social Democrats will play role in majority of regional governments

The Social Democrats have a realistic chance of being a part of a majority of regional assemblies, following results at the weekend, party leader Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said after a meeting of the party executive and regional leaders on Sunday evening. In areas where the party places first or second, Mr Sobotka made clear he felt the Social Democrats would not face difficulties. Czechs voted for local assemblies in 13 of 14 regions at the weekend. Overall, newcomers on the regional level ANO landed around 21 percent of all the votes nationwide, pushing the Social Democrats, with just over 15 percent, into second place. Previously, the Social Democrats had across the map and had had 11 regional governors.

Babiš says four governorships “realistic”

ANO leader Andrej Babiš, whose party won the most mandates in communal elections at the weekend, has suggested his party could realistically gain the governorship in four regions. The politician also expressed dissatisfaction over developments in the region of Hradec Králové, where regional parties were working on forming a coalition excluding ANO, who came first. Mr Babiš told journalists that he hoped voters were “taking notice”, as he expected similar developments .

Civic Democrats, TOP 09, backing each others candidates in second round of Senate elections

Right wing opposition parties the Civic Democrats and TOP 09 have said they are backing each other’s candidates in the second-round of elections to the Czech Senate, scheduled for this Friday and Saturday. After the first round, the Civic Democrats have candidates in five races and TOP 09 in three. Nowhere are candidates of the two parties going head-to-head. The head of TOP 09, Miroslav Kalousek, also said on Monday that his party would back Social Democrat and Industry and Trade Minister Jan Mládek over ANO candidate Jaroslav Větrovský in Tábor. That race is neck-and-neck with Větrovský holding a slim lead after the first round.

Abandoned medical facility, turned into alternative social and cultural centre by activists, to go to state organisation

An abandoned former medical facility in Prague’s Žižkov which was taken over and cleaned up by squatters and activists in 2014 to create what they called an anti-commercial, cultural and social centre, has been obtained by the Railway Infrastructure Administration. The news was reported by Czech Radio’s flagship station Radiožurnál on Monday. The state agency told the wire service ČTK that it intended to use the building for its own employees. The squatters who ran the facility which they called Klinika, repeatedly appealed to community spirit and aimed to provide what they described as a platform for “anti-authoritarian collectives and individuals”.

Roadside assistance civil organisation ÚAMK names most improved and most dangerous roads

The Czech roadside assistance civil organisation ÚAMK, a partner of the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP), has released findings from risk mapping conducted from 2013 – 2015. ÚAMK, at a press conference, highlighted significant safety improvements on a primary road connecting the South Bohemian towns of Písek and Vodňany; since 2014, the stretch of road was modernised and saw the introduction of new traffic warning signs. By contrast, the I/11 connecting Žamberk and Jablonec nad Orlicí and Červena Voda was rated was rated the country’s most dangerous.

Gott to perform first solo concert since recovering from cancer

Legendary Czech singer Karel Gott will perform his first solo concert this Monday since undergoing successful treatment of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The singer was diagnosed last November and underwent chemotherapy in February which was said to have eradicated the disease. In his solo return, Mr Gott opted for a smaller club, the famous Malostranksá Beseda; tickets sold out in a matter of minutes. In September, Mr Gott sang briefly at Hana Zagorová’s birthday concert.

Weather Forecast

Cloudy conditions and rainfall are expected on Tuesday. Daytime highs are not expected to exceed nine degrees Celsius.