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Munich-bound express train searched following hoax bomb threat

Police say they have traced the man who made an anonymous bomb threat that stopped an express train bound for Munich on on Monday. According to a police spokeswoman the man is now being questioned. The train was stopped near the town of Beroun and all 254 passengers were evacuated. A two-hour search by explosives experts failed to detect any explosives on board. The train continued on its way shortly before midday .Other trains have also been slightly delayed due to the incident. The suspect of the hoax call could face up to five years in prison for scaremongering.

Egg-throwing incident not criminal offense

The man who threw eggs at President Miloš Zeman during November 17th celebrations at Albertov in 2014 is not guilty of a criminal offense, but merely committed a misdemeanor, the Prague 2 district court ruled on Monday. The case has dragged for some and originally two people were charged with rioting after throwing eggs at the head of state. Legal proceedings against one of two were dropped last summer for lack of evidence. The incident occurred on the 25th anniversary of the fall of communism when President Zeman was jeered by hundreds of demonstrators protesting against his alleged close ties to Russia and use of foul language in a live interview on Czech Radio.

Centre Against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats starts work

A new Centre Against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats which is to counter false news stories spread over the social media or by propaganda outlets started work on Monday, the Czech Radio news site reported. The special unit has around 30 employees and falls under the Interior Ministry. The ministry has dismissed claims that it will involve censorship, saying that the task of the special unit will be to ensure people have access to additional, relevant information to supplement the propaganda campaigns disseminated on the Internet. The decision to establish such a center came in the wake of a security audit ordered by the government last year.

Scientists studying the effects of stress on psyche of Holocaust victims

Scientists from Brno’s Masaryk University are engaged in a research project aimed at studying the effects of stress on the psyche of Holocaust victims. According to the internet site Novinky.cz which posted the story on Monday the team of psychologists, neurology experts and genetics experts are studying possible changes to the brain as a result of long-term exposure to extreme stress. The head of the research team Ivan Rektor said 30 survivors had agreed to cooperate and has asked others willing to do so to come forward.

Conductor Bělohlávek extends contract with Czech Philharmonic

The chief conductor of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and the ensemble’ s artistic director Jiří Bělohlávek has signed another six-year contract with the orchestra’s management. The world-renowned conductor has served in the post for four seasons. The head of the Czech Philharmonic, David Mareček, said Bělohlávek had raised the profile of the orchestra and won it greater international recognition and respect.

Weather forecast

Tuesday should be partly cloudy to overcast with snow-showers around the country and day temperatures between 2 and - 2 degrees Celsius. Night time lows between -2 and -6 degrees Celsius.