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No Czech victims of Manchester attack: ministry

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that no Czechs were killed or injured in the Manchester terror attack. The attack on Monday night killed 22 people, of who two were said to be Poles, and injured at least 59. The British interior minister said the young man who is believed to have carried out the attack was probably not acting alone. Britain late Tuesday rose its security alert to the highest level amid concern that another attack could be pending.

Constitutional Court says health insurance rules can discriminate

The Czech Constitutional Court has refused to recommend changes to the country’s public health insurance rules in the face of claims that they discriminated against foreigners. Two aspects of the existing rules were being challenged which affected Ukrainians giving birth in the Czech Republic and the care of the newly born children. In both cases, the mothers are faced with the costs of care themselves. The court ruled that it was not exceptional that insurance rules and coverage varied according to citizens links with the state.

Lower house approves controversial switch to new digital tv frequency

The lower house of parliament on Wednesday approved a government proposal paving the way for the switch to a new digital television frequency and making room for the expansion of high speed mobile internet. The switch should be completed by 2021. The proposal has been controversial with satellite tv companies saying that Czech households will be landed with costs of around 5 billion crowns for new tvs and set top boxes. They also argue that the proposed law represents substantial and illegal state aid to the country biggest tv frequency provider, České Radiokomunikace.

Czech innovation diplomat appointed to US

The Czech Republic has named its second diplomat tasked with boosting Czech innovation and research. The appointee is Luděk Moravec and he will be based in the United States. He has already identified security and energy as two areas where there is a great potential to boost cooperation with local US companies and agencies. The first such Czech diplomat was posted at the end of 2015 to Israel. Germany and South Korea have been picked out in the past as countries where other innovation ambassadors could be sent.

Economic confidence slips slightly in May

Confidence in the Czech economy fell by 0.2 percentage points in May to 97.2 points compared with the previous month. Expectations for the outlook in the near future also fell by 0.2 points to 94.9 points, according to figures released by the Czech Statistical Office on Wednesday. Consumer confidence was unchanged month on month. Overall across the board confidence in the Czech economy is higher in May than a year earlier.

Sparta Prague could get new Italian coach: report

In football, the Czech daily Sport has reported that Italian Andrea Stramaccioni has been signed up for a two year deal to be the head coach of Sparta Prague. The paper says the club will announce his arrival on Tuesday. Stramaccioni has been manager in the past of Inter Milan, Udinese, and Greek club Panathinaikos. He is reported to have set his immediate goal for the next season to win the Czech league title and qualify for the initial group of the Champions League. Sparta will finish third in the league.


The weather on Thursday will be mostly sunny with some overcast intervals. Top daytime temperatures will range between 16 and 21 degrees Celsius.