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Czech Christian Democrat leader gives peace message to Sudeten association meeting

Czech Christian Democrat leader Pavel Bělobrádek told a meeting of the Sudeten German Homeland Association (Sudeten German Landsmannschaft) in Augsburg, Bavaria, that never again should be allowed the expulsion of people for their nationality, beliefs, or racial origin.. Bělobrádek, the highest ranking Czech politician to address the meeting of exiled Sudetens and their descendants, was referring to the expulsion of around 3.0 million German speakers at the end of WWII from Czechoslovakia. Bělobrádek adressed his audience as fellow countrymen, explaining that the Sudetens had also shared a love for the same country as the Czechs. He added that he had not come to apologise for past events but to make peace. Bělobrádek said that in the future he hoped attendance at the event would not attract such great attention in the Czech Republic.

Foreign minister expresses condolences for London attack

Czech Foreign minister Lubomír Zaorálek has condemned and offered condolences for the latest attack in London. Around six people were killed and around 50 injured in a van and stabbing attack in the London Bridge and Borough Market district of the city on Saturday night. The attackers used the van to run down people and later attacked with knives. Reports said three attackers had been shot. Czech interior minister, Milan Chovanec, said later that there was no need to call a meeting of the government's State Emergency Council or change the country's security level, currently at level one on a one to three scale, with three the highest.

Opposition attacks slow pumping of EU funds

Opposition parties have criticised the slow pumping of EU funds for the latest financing period, according to broadcaster Czech Television. TOP 09’s Helena Langšadlová picked out the ministry of industry which, she said, so far had not obtained even one percent of its possible allocation. The criticism has been partly accepted by Minister for Regional Development, Karla Šlechtová, who said around 10 percent of the 650 billion crowns in possible funding had so far been obtained. She added though that the funding period lasted until 2023 and expected 2018 to be much better.

Geopark plan advanced for Prague and surroundings

Plans have been to develop a giant Geopark in Prague and the south-west of the capital. It would focus on the rich geological remains stemming from when the area was once an ocean in the southern continent. The plans, backed by the Central Bohemia region, is to win national recognition for the area and then UNESCO status as one of the world’s geoparks. It would be named after the famous French geologist Joachim Barrande who carried out much research in the area in the 19th century.

Canoeist Fuksa takes second gold at World Cup event

Canoeist Martin Fuksa on Sunday won the 200 metres competition at the Canoe Sprint World Cup competition being held in Belgrade. The win followed his triumph in the one kilometre event on Saturday. It brings his tally of wins this season to five.

Karolína Plíšková reaches French Open fourth round

In tennis, Karolína Plíšková is through to the fourth round of the women’s singles at the French Open. She beat Germany’s Carin Witthoft 7:5, 6:1. Plíšková, the second seed, has set a new record for progress in the Grand Slam tournament. If she gets through to the singles final, she will also become world number one for the first time.


The weather on Monday is expected to be cloudy with rain likely in the centre of the country. Top temperatures will range between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius.