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Little surprise over Zeman’s plan to reappoint Babiš before Social Democrats vote outcome

Representatives of a number of parties in the lower house say they have not been surprised by President Miloš Zeman’s announcement that he will appoint Andrej Babiš of ANO prime minister for the second time soon. He aims to do so prior to the conclusion of an internal ballot of Social Democrats on whether they should enter coalition with ANO.

Mr. Babiš himself says that the head of state is merely keeping an earlier promise. Representatives of the Pirate Party and the Christian Democrats say Mr. Zeman’s announcement on Monday is intended to pressure the Social Democrats into backing such a minority government, which the president favours. However, the head of the Social Democrats deputies group, Jan Chvojka, said he did not have the impression this was Mr. Zeman’s design.

If formed, an ANO-Social Democrats coalition would likely be supported by the Communist Party on key lower house votes. This would be the first time the Communists had played a role in government since 1990.

Pirate MP apologises over approval of Communist poet for state honour

The Pirate Party’s deputy chairman of the lower house, Vojtěch Pikal, has apologised for his party’s involvement in the approval of Communist poet Karel Sýs for a state honour. MPs from the Communists, ANO, Freedom and Direct Democracy, the Social Democrats and the Pirates backed a proposed list of 28 honours candidates, including Mr. Sýs. Mr. Pikal said he had failed to look closely at the nominees.

The MP had also come in for criticism for suggesting on social media that WWII RAF airmen had “merely been following orders”. As well as apologising, Mr. Pikal made a donation of CZK 50,000 to an organisation recording the testimonies of victims of the Communists and the Nazis.

“Decent People” files criminal complaint over Croat play

The movement “Decent People“ has filed a criminal complaint against Brno National Theatre director Martin Glaser, Croat director Oliver Frljich and a group of actors over the showing of the controversial play “Our Violence, Your Violence“ at the festival Theatre World in Brno.

The head of the movement, Zdeněk Pernica, says the complaint was made on the grounds of desecration.

The play, in which Jesus rapes a Moslem woman has raised controversy in the Czech Republic.

Members of the group "Decent People" disrupted a showing of the play on Sunday night, jumping up on the stage, throwing paper balls at the actors and forming a human barrier to try to prevent the audience from watching the performance. They were eventually led out by the police.

Coca-Cola to make plant-based drinks in Prague for European market

Coca-Cola has opened two production lines at Kyje in Prague that will make plant-based drinks. The dairy-free smoothies will be sold under the brand AdeZ in 11 European states. Coca-Cola has invested over CZK 300 million in the plant.

Speaking at Tuesday’s launch the Czech prime minister, Andrej Babiš, said he was glad that Coca-Cola was investing and paying taxes in the Czech Republic. He also told executives that he looked forward to the company’s adverts every Christmas.

Two Czech films for main competition in Karlovy Vary

There will be two Czech films in the main competition at this year’s Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, organisers announced on Tuesday. Among the 12 films in contention for the Crystal Globe will be Winter Flies by the Prague-based Slovenian director Olmo Omerzu and Domestique, the debut feature from 28-year-old Adam Sedlák.

The country’s biggest film event runs this year from June 29 to July 7. It will be the 53rd edition of the Karlovy Vary IFF, which was first held in 1946.

Czech weather “40 days ahead” for time of year

The weather in the Czech Republic at present is “40 days ahead”, with daytime highs corresponding to those normally seen at the start of the summer holidays, the Czech News Agency reported on Tuesday.

According to data released by the Czech Hydro-Meteorological Institute, temperatures over the last 30 days reached an average of 16.2 degrees Celsius. Those values tend to be recorded in the period from June 6 to July 5.

Weather forecast

It should be bright with the chance of storms in the Czech Republic on Wednesday, with daytime highs of up to 28 degrees Celsius. Temperatures in the high 20s Celsius are expected until at least the middle of next week.