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Government crisis continues

The future of the coalition government remains uncertain as the Lower House awaits the Prime Minister's decision on a confidence vote in the Cabinet. The government crisis was precipitated by the governing parties' humiliating defeat in the recent Euro elections. The Prime Minister earlier announced his intention to ask Parliament for a vote of confidence this Thursday, but he has come under pressure from coalition members who are against such a move. The last 24 hours have shown that the governing coalition would have a problem securing enough votes to pass the test. The opposition Civic Democrats, say they have already prepared a no-confidence vote proposal, should the Prime Minister fail to take action himself.

Former ambassador charged with breach of trust

The former Czech ambassador to Columbia Mnislav Zeleny has been charged with breach of trust. According to a police spokeswoman the former ambassador allegedly made an ill-advised purchase of assets, resulting in a loss of over two million crowns for the Czech state. He signed a disadvantageous contract for the lease of a building which did not meet the relevant criteria and was in poor condition. If found guilty, Mr. Zeleny could face up to five years in prison.

Missing child found dead under debris

Rescue workers have uncovered the body of a four year old girl, killed in Monday's gas explosion in a Brno housing estate. The search for victims went on all night as the police contacted permanent residents to find out who was in the building at the time of the explosion. A police spokesman said the search would continue until everyone on the missing list had been accounted for. The bodies of two women were brought out from under the rubble on Monday and half a dozen people were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Tons of peanuts confiscated by customs officers

Customs officers have confiscated over 150 tons of health-harmful peanuts from China and pistachio nuts from Iran. Analyses of samples of the imported goods were found to contain excessive levels of toxic substances. The goods will not be put on the market. Since the country's accession to the EU in May, Czech customs officers have acquired new powers in the field of consumer protection.


Wednesday should be warm and sunny with afternoon highs between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius.