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Prime Minister meets with candidates for ministerial posts

The new Prime Minister Stanislav Gross is holding talks with candidates for individual ministerial posts in his Cabinet. Labour and Social Affairs Minister Zdenek Skormach will retain his post and he will also become the deputy prime minister in charge of the Council for Economic and Social Agreement. The head of the Czechinvest government agency Martin Jahn is to become deputy prime minister for the economy, while the former unsuccessful presidential candidate Jaroslav Bures is to be appointed minister without portfolio in charge of legislation.

Telicka rejects PM's job offer

The Czech Republic's European Commissioner Pavel Telicka has rejected the Prime Minister's offer of a seat in the new Cabinet. He did not specify what position had been offered. Mr. Telicka will be replaced in Brussels by the former Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla, whom the new government approved for the post this week. Pavel Telicka told newsmen in Prague on Friday that while he was not ruling out a future job in state services under the present circumstances he was not prepared to accept Mr. Gross' offer. "I have devoted 15 years of my life to the Czech Republic's entry to the EU and I shall now try to do the maximum possible in the remaining three months in the post" Mr. Telicka said.

Senate approves European arrest warrant bill

The Senate has approved a bill instituting the European arrest warrant. The bill would make it possible for Czech citizens to be extradited to other European states to face trial, but only to those countries which also extradite their citizens under this act. Czech citizens could be tried abroad but if convicted they would serve their sentences in the Czech Republic.

Patient assaults doctor

A doctor at a hospital in Znojmo, south Moravia was assaulted by a patient because she refused to treat him ahead of others. The 43 year old man arrived at the outpatient clinic for an examination and was told to schedule an appointment with the nurse since the doctor had other patients waiting. The man started arguing and when the doctor intervened he punched her in the face. The doctor suffered concussion, neck injuries and bruises to her face and neck. The man told the police he was in severe pain at the time and could not control his behaviour. The incident is being investigated.


Saturday is expected to be warm and sunny with temperatures between 25 and 29 degrees Celsius.