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Czech police have recovered a wig, pistol and grenade believed discarded after last Sunday's bombing of a Prague casino

Czech police have confirmed that a wig, pistol and hand grenade believed to have been discarded by the man responsible for last week's casino bombing in Prague — or an accomplice — were recovered from an empty building near the scene of the attack, which left 18 bystanders wounded. Police now say at least two men carried out the August 1st attack, the intended target of which, Israeli casino owner Assaf Abutbul, escaped unharmed. Mr Abutbul's father, an alleged underworld boss in Israel, was shot dead after leaving the same Prague casino in August 2002, and police say the attack stems from an unresolved dispute between rival Israeli business groups.

Rescue team in Kyrgyzstan suspends search for missing Czech, Russian and Ukrainian mountain climbers

Rescuers in Kyrgyzstan have given up hope of finding seven missing Czech, Russian and Ukrainian mountain climbers who disappeared in an avalanche last Thursday, bringing the death toll to 11, including three Czechs whose bodies have been recovered. The climbers died while trying to scale Khan-Tengri, the 7,000-metre high mountain known in English as "Lord of Spirits." Snowfall and strong winds hampered rescue efforts by helicopter and the danger to the mountain rescue team's own lives led the search to be called off.

100 days after EU expansion, U.K. data shows no 'onslaught' of jobseekers from new member states; Ireland notes ten-fold increase in job applicants

Some 100 days after the "big bang" expansion of the European Union on the first of May from 15 to 25 member states, British and Irish officials have released data confirming that fears of an onslaught of jobseekers from the relatively poor accession countries were unfounded. Along with Sweden, the U.K. and Ireland were the only old EU members fully open to jobseekers from the new member states. Fewer than 8,200 people from countries joined Britain's work registry in May and June, according to government figures, and 14,000 people from the accession states already living there legalised their status. Ireland saw a far greater per-capita increase with almost 23,000 people from the member states seeking employment there in the past three months, or around 10 times the number of work permits issued to people from the same countries in the first four months of 2004, reports Ireland online.

Czech defender Tomas Repka allegedly arrested over 'feud' with fan

Czech defender Tomas Repka, 30, who plays for the West Ham football team in the United Kingdom, has been arrested over an alleged feud with a fan, who claims Repka "harassed" him. The former Czech international has on several occasions been forcibly separated from spectators, The Evening Standard reports, but Paul Aldridge, managing director of West Ham, was quoted as saying that the arrest stemmed from a "minor incident, a non-football related matter," which took place some time ago.


Scattered light showers are expected throughout much of the Czech Republic on Wednesday, while temperatures are expected to reach a high of 29 degrees Celsius.