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Cabinet reviews its policy agenda

The new coalition government is reviewing its policy agenda with regard to excessive spending. At a meeting of economic ministers on Wednesday, Finance Minister Bohuslav Sobotka urged his colleagues to slash a number of proposals which would lead to further spending. Disputes are allegedly underway over eight points in the government's agenda. The deputy Prime Minister in charge of the economy Martin Jahn told the media that the government intended to finance many of the measures stemming from its policy agenda from the off-budget Housing Development Fund. In this way, ministers could spend more than one billion crowns without increasing the budget deficit. The new coalition government, headed by Prime Minister Stanislav Gross, is expected to ask Parliament for a vote of confidence on August 24th.

Baby boy who survived fall from first floor is stable

A nine months old baby boy who miraculously survived a fall from a first floor balcony on Monday is reported to be in stable condition. He suffered concussion, but had no broken bones or internal injuries. The baby allegedly crawled onto the balcony and fell through the railings before his parents realized he was missing. He fell from a height of five metres onto a grassy slope. Doctors say it is a miracle that he survived the fall. The incident is being investigated. The child's parents may be charged with negligence.

Temelin back in operation

The first unit of the Temelin nuclear power station is now back in operation after getting shut down by a false signal from a sensor. According to Temelin's spokesman Milan Nebesar one of the sensors monitoring air temperature sent a false signal which automatically shut down the unit early on Wednesday morning. The sensor was repaired and power supply to the grid was fully restored by 11 am, following a four hour break. Nebesar said the second unit had run without interruption, on full output.

Health Minister in favour of better records

The new Health Minister Milada Emmerova wants to introduce a reliable registration system which would provide a complete record of treatment received for every patient over 18. The documentation would register each visit to a GP or specialist with details of treatment received and medicaments prescribed. The minister claims that this should prevent, among other things, patients being prescribed medicaments which should not be used together. Such a system is already being used in the case of child patients, giving doctors instant access to the childhood ailments, vaccinations and illnesses of individual patients.

Helicopter crash

A two seat ultra light helicopter crashed near Benesov west of Prague on Tuesday morning. A passenger was killed, the pilot sustained serious injuries. The cause of the accident is being investigated.


Thursday is expected to be partly cloudy with some scattered showers and day temperatures between 27 and 31 degrees Celsius.