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Czech national hockey team coach Ivan Hlinka dies in highway accident

The coach of the Czech national hockey team, Ivan Hlinka, has died in hospital from injuries sustained in a car accident on Monday morning. Mr Hlinka was returning to Prague from the spa town of Karlovy Vary when his car collided head on with a truck going the opposite direction. The truck driver is reportedly at fault, having poorly timed an attempt to overtake another car. Ivan Hlinka, aged 54, was best known for leading the Czech hockey team to victory in the 1998 Winter Olympics held in Nagano, Japan.

Protest to be held on Tuesday outside Cabinet to demand resignation of Gov't Office head Pavel Pribyl

The authors of a petition calling for the removal of the newly appointed Government Office head, Pavel Pribyl, have organised a protest outside of the Cabinet headquarters for Tuesday morning. Mr Pribyl is alleged to have led a police anti-riot unit in 1989 that was sent to break-up anti-communist demonstrations. Prime Minister Stanislav Gross has rejected calls for Mr Pribyl's dismissal, saying he was merely "in training" for that position, adding that as he has passed an Interior Ministry screening process, Mr Pribyl was found not to have collaborated with the former regime in any "significant" way.

Parent company to shut down Casino Royal, where Aug. 1 grenade attack took place, plus two other casinos

The company Royal Praha will close all three of the casinos it operates in the Czech Republic, including Casino Royal in downtown Prague, which was the scene of an Aug. 1 grenade attack. The incident left 18 people injured and is being treated as a failed attempt to kill its owner, Israeli national Assaf Abutboul. Since the attack, the government has pledged to tighten controls on casinos.

Girls treated for carbon monoxide poisoning at Kladno ice hockey tournament released from hospital

All eight of the girls who were hospitalised on Saturday due to carbon monoxide poisoning sustained during an ice hockey tournament in Kladno, just outside of Prague, have been treated and released. Investigators said that a faulty valve on the motor of a Zamboni ice-cleaning machine was to blame for the incident.


Tuesday should be partly cloudy with highs of 30 degrees Celsius.