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Four people charged with attempted murder in arson attack

The police have charged four men with racially-motivated attempted murder in connection with an arson attack against a Romany family in Vítkov, north Moravia. Officials announced the developments on Friday, having arrested and questioned a total of 12 individuals (nine men and three women) earlier this week. Only the four, who are in their twenties, are being held in custody. The suspects have connections to right-wing extremism and are believed to have thrown Molotov cocktails at the Romany family’s home in April – an attack which shocked the country. Three people were injured in the ensuing blaze, most seriously a two-year-old girl, who suffered severe burns to 80 percent of her body. She remains in hospital. The police on Friday said the attack was planned over a number of weeks. If found guilty of the crime the four could face up to 15 years in prison; they could also receive exemplary sentences, longer in length.

Small plane crashes during landing in Letňany

A small plane (a Cessna) crashed during landing at Prague’s Letňany airport on Friday, leaving four people injured. The accident took place just before 1 pm on Friday. Ambulance crews were called in to assist. By all appearances, the pilot mishandled the landing: the plane lost a wheel and ended up nose-down in a grassy area.

Czech economy grows in second-quarter

Official data has shown that the Czech economy emerged from recession in the second quarter, growing by 0.3 percent. A strong influence has been the auto industry picking up, with increased sales in export markets. On a 12-month comparison, the Czech economy still plummeted by a record 4.9 percent. Analysts confirmed that the data had been expected, saying that the Czech economy had hit “rock bottom” in the first quarter and could now begin to bounce back. But others have cautioned against overly-optimistic scenarios. Just last week, the Czech central bank forecast a sharper full-year slump and slower recovery than expected previously. The bank now expects the economy to shrink 3.8 percent, compared to the earlier 2.4 percent predicted in May.

President signs amendment bill on military

The Czech president, Václav Klaus, has signed an amendment that will allow the military to immediately discharge personnel for any connection to neo-Nazi or other extremist movements. The bill also tightens anti-corruption measures in the army and raises financial compensation for families who lose a loved one during service. Until now, military families were entitled to 120,000 crowns in payment; that figure has now been doubled.

Canada rejects three visa applications in first month

Canada has issued 2,503 visas to Czechs in the first month of renewed visa requirements and only rejected three applicants, the Canadian embassy in Prague told the Czech news agency, ČTK, on Friday. Canada reimposed visas on Czechs on July 14th in response to the high number of asylum applicants from the Czech Republic – mostly from within the Roma community. The reinstatement came less than two years after visa requirements were dropped.

Brno market checked by customs officers

More than 100 customs officers have been checking for fake brand products at a market in Brno. The market, located in Olomouc Street, is the largest of its kind in Moravia, not open to the public but selling to Vietnamese retailers. Customs officers regularly uncover and seize tonnes of counterfeit items at the location; in its last operation, in July, officials uncovered fake brand goods worth several million crowns.

Poll: almost 50 percent of Czechs favour Ukraine joining the European Union

A new poll conducted by the RCA research agency has suggested that more almost 50 percent of Czechs are in favour of Ukraine joining the European Union. 49.5 percent answered in the affirmative in the poll, while 33 percent of respondents were against, the agency said. By comparison, support for Ukraine’s joining NATO is lower: the survey found that only 37 percent of Czechs agreed with Ukraine joining the organisation, while 35 percent were against.

Thousands attend Madonna show

42,000 people attended a concert by Madonna in Prague on Thursday night. The American pop singer was promoting her most recent album Sticky and Sweet. She had performed once before in the Czech capital (in back-to-back concerts) three years ago. On Thursday Madonna performed on a green area in the Chodov district of Prague which had not previously been used as a concert venue. On Friday organisers said the show had proven that the Czech capital could stage similar large-scale events; but some fans complained on Thursday of suffering long delays before being allowed onto the concert grounds.


Partly cloudy skies are expected into the weekend. Daytime temperatures on Saturday should reach highs of around 26 degrees Celsius.