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White rhinos sent home

Four rare northern white rhinos, half the known population left in the world, on Saturday started on a long journey from Dvur Králové zoo to their homeland Kenya. The transfer of four of the zoos six white rhinos is a last-ditch attempt to save the species from extinction. Zoologists have had problems trying to get the animals to breed, with only one birth in the past ten years. While zoo officials hope that a return to the wild will spur successful mating, opponents say the plan puts the animals at risk because they have spent all of their lives in very different conditions than those they will experience in Africa.

Two white rhinos live in captivity in San Diego zoo. Four other white rhinos living in the wild in Africa have not been sighted since 2006 raising fears that the eight animals in captivity are the last of their kind.

Environment minister disappointed by Copenhagen climate talks

Czech Environment Minister Jan Dusík told the CTK news agency on Saturday he expected more from the Copenhagen climate talks. Minister Dusík said that while he did not expect a legally binding agreement to be reached he had hoped for a more fruitful debate and an understanding supported by all delegates. The minister described the Copenhagen climate talks as “an intermediate step” and said he hoped that a legally binding agreement could be reached in Mexico next year.

Vast majority of Czechs calling for action against global warming

According to a flash survey conducted by the STEM polling agency 80 percent of Czechs believe that global warming is a reality. Seventy-five percent of respondents said mankind was responsible for the problem and should take corrective action, while the rest ascribed the changes to natural processes independent of man.

Interior Ministry drafts amendment to penal code

The Czech Interior Ministry is preparing an amendment to the penal code which should help the authorities crack-down on corruption. The bill proposes introducing the institute of agent provocateur and that of crown witness. The proposal will now be debated in cabinet. Widespread corruption has presented a serious problem for many years and all previous attempts to root it out have failed. Caretaker Prime Minister Jan Fisher said shortly after taking office in May that his cabinet would take radical measures against the problem.

Three people die in fire

Three people, including an 18-month-old baby girl, have died in a fire in their home in Brno. The fourth member of the family, a seven-year-old boy, was rushed to hospital in critical condition. The fire was reported in the early hours of the morning by neighbours, and it would seem that the family suffocated in their sleep. Police are investigating the cause of the tragic accident.

Slovak miner fatally injured in Czech uranium mine

A Slovak miner was fatally injured in the Rozna uranium mine, in the Moravian highlands, on Friday. A spokesman for the company said the man was injured by flying rocks during an explosion. No other workers sustained injuries. The incident is being investigated.

Two companies enter tender for assault rifles

Two companies have entered the Czech Defence Ministry’s tender for assault rifles – Česká Zbrojovka and MPI Group. The ministry wants to buy 8,000 assault rifles and 400 grenade launchers to replace the MAG-58 machine guns which have been in use since the 1950s. The military has earmarked 1,5 billion crowns for the purchase. Other arms producers, including Heckler and Koch and Beretta, have criticized the fact that companies had only one month to hand in their bids.

Maintenance vehicle damages plane

Czech Airlines announced a 24-hour delay in a planned flight to the Caribbean on Saturday after a maintenance vehicle defrosting the airbus in question accidentally damaged the plane. The flight’s 200 passengers have been given accommodation and refreshments free of charge. The plane is expected to leave on Sunday.

Hospitals report increased number of patients with frostbite

Hospitals around the country report an increase in the number of patients with frostbite, not all of them homeless people. Doctors warn against spending long hours out in the freezing cold weather and trying to stay warm with the help of alcohol. The freezing cold weather, with temperatures dropping to minus 20 degrees C at nights, has put the homeless at great risk, with three people having frozen to death in the past week.


The Czech Republic is experiencing a bout of freezing cold weather with day temperatures between minus 6 and minus 10 degrees Celsius and night time lows dropping to minus 24 degrees in the mountain areas. A thaw is expected around Christmas when temperatures are expected to climb to 8 degrees.