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Czech army to establish electronic surveillance centre

The Czech army has confirmed that this year it will begin building a high-tech electronic surveillance and passive monitoring centre. The new military centre, which will initially have its headquarters in Opava, north Moravia, will be tasked with detecting and monitor enemy targets. As many as 500 specialists would eventually man the monitoring station. The Czech-made "Vera" radar system, which is capable of detecting the U.S. Stealth fighters, will be an integral part of the centre. The Czech Republic, which within NATO has concentrated on providing elite anti-biological and chemical units, intends to offer the specialised surveillance unit to the military alliance in the coming years.

Six injured in Prague collision between ambulance and passenger car

Six people were injured on Sunday morning in the Prague neighbourhood of Vinohrady when an ambulance and a passenger car collided at a crossroads. The accident took place at about 9 a.m. The most seriously injured was a 17-year-old girl, who remains in hospital.

Vladimir Zelezny fails to show for television debate with fellow MEP, Jana Bobiskova

Vladimir Zelezny failed to turn up for a televised debate on Sunday with his former party colleague and fellow Member of the European Parliament, Jana Bobosikova, who, after a very public row this month, split with the Independent Party he had founded. Ms Bobosikova has threatened to sue Mr Zelezny for slander if he didn't apologise for saying her decision to hire her husband to work for her in Brussels was, in essence, unethical.

Second 'We don't talk to Communists' protest concert underway

About a dozen Czech rock bands took to the stage on Sunday afternoon to play a benefit concert for the "We don't talk to Communists" group, which wants to prevent politicians from working with the unreformed party. Among the bands playing are the rap-metal group Cocotte Minute, the Romani band Gluo Car and the pop-rock combo Chinaski. Several avant-garde theatre groups including Divadlo Continuo and Teatr Novogo Fronta were also staging productions at the event, which took place in an abandoned factory in Prague's Karlin district. The first "We don't talk to communists" concert was first performed last year, on November 17, the anniversary of the intervention by communist police in 1989 against a peaceful students' demonstration in Prague, which led to the so-called Velvet Revolution.

'Beer for blood' donor drive touring the country

A "beer for blood" campaign, which got underway in Prague on Friday as part of a fair dedicated to St. Wenceslas at the Vystaviste exhibition grounds, is now travelling to other parts of the country. The initiative's organiser, who is the editor of a Czech beer magazine, told AFP the campaign's objective is to recruit new regular blood and bone marrow donors. Thos participating in the "beer for blood" campaign will receive two half-litre glasses of beer in return.

Swimmer Kovar wins third gold medal at Paralympic Games

The Czech swimmer Martin Kovar has won his third gold medal at the Paralympic Games now underway in Athens, after winning the 50-metre event. The Czech Prime Minister, Stanislav Gross, was in Athens for part of the games and presented Mr Kovar with the medal. Czech athletes have so far won 25 medals at the games.


Monday should be partly cloudy, with light rain likely throughout the country and daytime highs of 16 degrees Celsius