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Gross, Grebenick, criticise Christian Democrat leader's proposal to delay pay rise for police, fire-fighters and customs officials

A proposal by Christian Democrat leader Miroslav Kalousek to delay an increase in wages for police officers, fire-fighters and customs officials has been criticised by the prime minister as well as the head of the opposition communist party. Speaking on a Sunday discussion programme Prime Minister Stanislav Gross, together with Communist Party head Miroslav Grebenicek, called the proposal a "populist" tactic ahead of regional elections in November. Mr Gross pointed out that the Christian Democrats had previously helped approve the government's law on raising wages for police and other public officials in Parliament.

The bill will take effect next January 1st.

Dozens of pre-schoolers, elementary school students in the south-east Bohemian town of Jihlava were infected with salmonella

Around 55 children - pre-schoolers and elementary school students - as well as several adults in the south-east Bohemian region of Jihlava have recovered from salmonella food poisoning suffered earlier this week. Two cases, two four year-old boys, were treated in hospital. Health and hygiene officials say that students from several schools were infected, along with two teachers and a member of the cleaning staff. Hygiene experts tried but were unable to find the source of the salmonella in food samples. No new cases of infection were reported at the weekend.

Vaidisova wins Tashkent Open

15-year-old Czech tennis player Nicole Vaidisova won her second WTA title on Sunday, downing French opponent Virginia Razzano in three sets at the Tashkent Open. Vaidisova came back from one set down, winning the next two sets 6:3, 6:2. Vaidisova's win earns her 140, 000 US dollars. Earlier in the year she won her first WTA title in Vancouver.

Sparta - Manchester match to be refereed by De Santis

Tuesday's Champions League football match-up between Sparta Prague and England's Manchester United will be refereed by Italian ref Massimo De Santis, a police inspector from Rome who is well-known for his love of good food, theatre, and water skiing. Mr De Santis, 42, has called international games since 2000. It will not be the first time he has refereed a Czech team either: three years ago he oversaw a match-up between Sigma Olomouc and Celta Vigo in the UEFA Cup, in which the Czech side won 4:3.


Monday is expected to be cloudy with sunny intervals and a daytime temperature of around 12 degrees Celsius.