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Coalition brawl continues over defence minister

A brawl among the Czech coalition parties over the defence minister, Civic Democrat Alexandr Vondra continued on Sunday after the head of the TOP 09 party MPs’ group, Petr Gazdík, said Mr Vondra should not take part in any future coalition negotiations if he remains in his post. Mr Vondra is under pressure to step down from the TOP 09 party over his role in a questionable deal relating to the country’s EU presidency in 2009. Coalition leaders agreed earlier this week Mr Vondra should apologize for the overpriced contract to the lower house but his address failed on Friday to satisfy his critics. Finance Minister, and deputy TOP 09 head Miroslav Kalousek then called on the defence minister to step down. ¨

South African daily: Krejčíř has access to phone recordings related to his case

Czech fugitive Radovan Krejčíř had access to phone recordings with conversations of South African officials related to his case, the country’s Sunday Times reported on Sunday. The recordings, which included conversations between a forensic investigator the head of a special police unit, were delivered to him by senior crime intelligence officers. Mr Krejčíř He handed himself over to the police on Friday, and will be reportedly charged with insurance fraud.¨

The 42-year-old Radovan Krejčíř, who is wanted in the Czech Republic for fraud and conspiracy to murder, fled the country in 2005 and later settled in South Africa. He has since become a powerful figure of the local underworld, and is linked to several high-profiles murders.

Activists protest foreign workers’ poor labour conditions

Several tens of activists gathered outside the Czech Agriculture Ministry in Prague on Sunday to protest against poor labour conditions experienced by foreign workers in Lesy ČR, the state-owned forestry firm. The organizers said hundreds of workers from Vietnam, Romania and Slovakia were abused and exploited while working for the firm; some of them said they were forced to work 12-hour shifts without getting full pay. The activists asked the authorities to properly investigate the case, and to make sure the workers receive the rest of their wages.

Annual Thálie theatre awards handed out

The Czech actors’ association handed out the Thálie annual theatre awards in Prague o Saturday. The award for best female performance went to the 81-year-old actress Květa Fialová for the role of Maude in Colin Higgins’ Harold and Maude, staged at the Slovácké Theatre in Uherské Hradiště; the Thálie award for best male performance was awarded to Jiří Štepnička for the part of Raymond in the play Blackbird by David Harrower, at Prague’s National Theatre. Operatic soprano Naděžda Kniplová, who was awarded for her life-time achievement, refused to accept the award, and said she should have been awarder earlier.

St John Neumann celebrations begin in Prachatice

The celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the birth of St John Neumann, a Czech born missionary to the United States and the fourth bishop of Philadelphia, began on Sunday in southern Bohemia, with a mass and a concert in his home town of Prachatice. The celebrations will also be held in Germany, where his father came from, and in the United States, where he died aged 48. John Neumann was the first and so far the only US male citizen to be canonized by the Catholic Church. Celebrations of his 200th birthday will go on until June when a national pilgrimage and a conference will be held.

Painter Jitka Válová dies aged 88

Czech painter Jitka Válová died in Kladno on Sunday at the age of 88, the news agency ČTK reported. Jitka Válová worked together with her twin sister Květa they had their first exhibition in 1958. In her work, she focused on figural motifs she combined with natural and industrial elements. She was a leading member of the artistic group Trasa that was established in the 1950s. Her sister died in 1998.

Man drowns after his car ends in pond

A 22-year-old man drowned after his car crashed and ended up in a pool near the community of Lednice, in southern Moravia, on Saturday night. The police, alerted by the man’s family, first found the man’s car; some time later, the man’s body was also found in the pond.

Hockey: Slavia upset Třinec to go ahead 3:1 in play-offs semifinals

Slavia Prague beat regular season winners Třinec 4:0 on Saturday, and are leading 3:1 in the best-of-seven semifinal series of the playoffs. Třinec was unable to score against Slavia’s excellent defence; in the 50th minute, Třinec managed to get the puck in but the goal was disallowed since the frame of the goal was displaced. In the other series, Vítkovice are leading 3:1 against defending champions Pardubice; the series’ fifth game is scheduled for Sunday.


The start of the week will be clear with occasional morning fog. Daytime highs are expected between 9 and 13 degrees Celsius.