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Foreign Minister criticises Ukraine's election, Vaclav Havel urges Ukrainian opposition to persevere

The Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda has criticised the ruling of Ukraine's central election committee that proclaimed the current Ukrainian Prime Minister, Viktor Yanuchovych, as the winner of the recent presidential election. Mr Svoboda said the second round of the election did not meet democratic standards, adding that he did not believe the results reflected the genuine will of the Ukrainian people. The former Czech president, Vaclav Havel, urged the Ukrainian opposition to persevere and said they had the support of all credible national and international organizations.

Courts to decide on extradition of Czech nationals

In future, regional and high courts should decide on the extradition of Czechs to other EU countries on the grounds of the European arrest warrant. Requests for extradition should be addressed to the regional state attorney's office or the municipal state attorney's office in Prague. However the European arrest warrant will only apply to crimes committed after November 1st 2004 and only to serious crimes such as terrorism, paedophilia, murder or trade in weapons and drugs.

Pension bonuses for all political prisoners

All political prisoners of the former communist regime are to receive pension bonuses by way of compensation. The government recently approved bonuses for political prisoners and labour camp inmates between the years 1948 and 1968 but has now extended the decree to cover people persecuted in the last twenty years of communist rule. Prisoners of conscience should in future receive regular bonuses to their pensions, 50 crowns for every month that they spent in a communist prison or labour camp.

Police launch nationwide search for illegal migrants

Czech immigration and border police have launched a nationwide operation targeted at illegal migrants in the Czech Republic. Police officers are searching dormitories, building sites and railway stations for illegal immigrants, focusing mainly on the citizens of Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

Shadow interior minister calls on top police officials to resign

The shadow Interior Minister, MP Ivan Langer from the opposition Civic Democratic Party, has again called on the Police President Jiri Kolar to resign over the flaws in police work in 2003. Mr Langer also said that the current Interior Minister Frantisek Bublan and his predecessor, the current Prime Minister Stanislav Gross were also responsible for what he called "the tragic state of the police force" and should therefore step down. In his criticism of the police force Mr Langer stressed a growing use of violence against citizens and overuse of phone tapping.

High cholesterol levels in children on the rise

According to Czech doctors, more than half of Czech children have high cholesterol levels and their number is on the rise. Only about one-fifth of adults in the Czech Republic suffer from high cholesterol levels and their number is decreasing. Doctors say that while adults are aware of the benefits of a healthy diet they fail to make sure their children eat healthily and get enough exercise. Children with high cholesterol levels face a higher risk of heart attack later in life.


The weather should remain cold, with daytime temperatures around 5 degrees Celsius. Occasional rain is expected across the country which should turn into snow during the weekend.