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Ultra-right extremism regaining strength

The head of the anti-organized crime squad of the Czech police Robert Slachta has warned that right-wing extremists in the country are regaining strength following a lull in the wake of intensive police actions in 2010. Speaking in a panel debate on Czech Television Mr. Slachta said there were signs that the ultra-right scene was uniting in a more organized and more sophisticated way than it had in the past. Ultra-right groups and movements suffered a bad blow in 2010 when a court banned the ultra right Workers Party and the Interior Ministry intensified its actions against right-wing extremists in the wake of a number of arson attacks against the Roma minority. At present there are estimated to be around 500 to 600 hard-core right-wing extremists in the country.

More anti-Roma demonstrations in the north

Anti-Roma demonstrations held in the northern towns of Varnsdorf and Rumburk on Sunday ended without incident. Rising crime, petty theft and a high unemployment rate have unleashed a wave of anti-Romany sentiment in several towns in the north of the country with people repeatedly taking to the streets to demand action. Public anger in Varnsdorf has now turned mainly against the local administration which is being blamed for failing to deal with the situation. Local protesters took their grievances to Prague on Saturday where they verbally clashed with Roma rights activists and anarchists. Government officials, NGOs and local councils are working to defuse tension and address long-neglected problems but there has so far been little sign of tangible progress.

Ex-president Havel celebrates his 75th birthday

Over 500 guests attended a birthday bash for ex-president Vaclav Havel on Saturday. The party in honour of Mr. Havel’s 75th birthday next Wednesday, was attended by close friends from his dissident days, people from the arts world, politicians, writers and diplomats. Among the guests of honour were the former US secretary of state Czech-born Madeleine Albright, who is a close friend of Mr.Havel’s, Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg who served as Mr. Havel’s chancellor during his presidency, actor Pavel Landovsky, director Jiri Mezel and the British writer Tom Stoppard.

General Teaching Hospital in Prague violated law on public tenders

A financial audit at the General Teaching Hospital in Prague is reported to have revealed numerous violations of the law on public tenders. Hospital management repeatedly waived tenders by breaking down commissions and in more than one instance the commission went to a firm which made the most expensive bid or did not fulfil the stated criteria. The matter is being investigated.

Summer tourism figures up

Data published by Mag Consulting indicate that the government’s efforts to bring more tourists to the Czech Republic have proved successful. Between June and September of 2011 the Czech Republic attracted 15 percent more foreign tourists that in the same period last year. More Czechs are also reported to have holidayed at home this year, spending money at Czech wellness spas and summer resorts. The rise in foreign tourists is partly being attributed to the political upheaval in the Arab world which made some people reconsider their holiday plans.

Superjumbo lands in Prague

Over a thousand aviation fans descended on Prague’s Ruzyne Airport on Sunday morning for the first ever landing in Prague of the superjumbo A380 airbus. The double-decker airliner built for 850 passengers sported Lufthansa colours and landed in Prague just after 9 am Central European Time, some six hour earlier than originally announced. The colossal plane circled above the airport for about twenty minutes before making a problem free landing. It returned to its home base in Frankfurt shortly after midday. The appearance of the airbus in Prague was scheduled to mark the 45th anniversary of Lufthansa flights to the Czech Republic.

Four-year-old attacked by family dog

A four-year-old boy is in hospital after being attacked by the family Rottweiler, a police spokeswoman confirmed on Sunday. The child was allegedly attacked after putting its hand into the dog’s food bowl. The boy got knocked over and was bitten in the area of the neck and face. He is reported to be in serious condition. No further details have been released.


The weather should continue warm and sunny with temperatures around 23 degrees Celsius.