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Two more Czech victims of tsunami disaster identified

Two more Czech victims of the Indian Ocean disaster have been identified in Thailand, bringing the number of confirmed Czech victims to three. Five more Czechs are missing in Thailand and Sri Lanka. It is believed that none of them survived the disaster. The Czech Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda on Friday visited the island of Puket which was devastated by the tsunami. He was acquainted with some of the charity projects funded from Czech donations, including the reconstruction of fishing villages and local schools. He praised the work of NGOs and handed over some medical equipment to the local hospital. Czechs have sent some 40 million crowns in public donations to the devastated region.

President Klaus signs three new bills

President Vaclav Klaus has signed three new bills into law, relating to health care, health insurance and social benefits. The bill relating to health care will modify the requirement that physicians, dentists and pharmacists must have a clean criminal record. Doctors and medical staff will be allowed to seek work in their given field if their transgression is not related to their profession, for instance if they were found guilty of causing a traffic accident. The second bill, concerning health insurance, should help mainly diabetic patients, since it will give them the right to more free medical equipment needed for daily care.

Prague to make bid for new EU institute

The Czech government plans to make a bid for the future European institute for equal opportunities for men and women to be based in Prague. Hungary and Slovenia have also expressed interest. The proposal for such an institute to be set up, preferably in one of the EU newcomer states, was made by the Czech Euro commissioner Vladimir Spidla. If it is approved by the European Parliament, the institute should start work in 2007.

Heavy snowfall causes traffic problems

Heavy snowfall overnight is reported to have complicated traffic in many parts of the Czech Republic. A pile up on the highway from Prague to Brno caused long delays, trains packed with skiers heading for the Krkonose mountain resorts were delayed by almost two hours after a train got stuck in heavy snowdrifts early this morning and many mountain roads remained impassable for hours despite the fact that road maintenance crews worked around the clock. Meteorologists warn that a similar situation may arise on Sunday morning, since more snow showers and a strong wind are expected overnight. Drivers are warned not to head for the mountains without the respective gear - chains, sand and shovels.


Sunday is expected to be partly cloudy with more snow in the higher altitudes and day temperatures between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius.