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Poll: dissatisfaction with political situation grows

A new poll has suggested that public dissatisfaction over the current political situation in the Czech Republic has continued to grow since February. According to the poll, conducted by the CVVM agency, some 62 percent of Czechs are not happy with developments, with only 31 percent supporting the government in February. The government fell apart over unexplained financing of the prime minister's flat, as well as business dealings by the prime minister's wife. Members of the three coalition parties are continuing to negotiate on a new pro-European cabinet that would serve out the final 14 months of its term.

Czech automaker Skoda to produce new "Octavias" in China

Representatives from the Czech automaker Skoda Auto have signed a licensing agreement in China for the production of the company's "flagship" Octavia model in that country in 2006. Skoda's parent company Volkswagen, already produces models in China. While the Skoda models have also been planned for the Chinese market, eventual export to neighbouring countries has not been ruled out. Full production will come underway by 2007 when Skoda Auto estimates it could produce at least 40, 000 cars in China.

Tuesday confirmed for Telecom sale

Tuesday has been confirmed for the sale of the government's 51.1 majority stake in the country's giant fixed-line operator Cesky Telecom to Spain's Telefonica. Telefonica and Czech government representatives, as well as Prime Minister Stanislav Gross himself, are expected to attend the signing of the deal, worth more than 3.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Control test confirms 18th case of BSE

A control test by the State Veterinary Administration has confirmed the Czech Republic's 18th case of BSE. A five-year-old cow in the region of Central Bohemia was found to be infected with the disease the third case this year. Some 260 animals will be put down. Since 2001, some 750, 000 cattle have been tested for the disease; despite the 18th positive case, the State Veterinary Administration has said it does not expect a significant increase in BSE infection in cattle in the Czech Republic.

Police charge former Vodochody head with breech of trust

Police have charged the former head of the Czech airplane manufacturer Aero Vodochody with fraud. Petr Hora, the former head, resigned in 2001 following problems securing fighter jets for the Czech Air Force in a deal worth more than 2 billion dollars U.S. Aero Vodochody was to have delivered 72 planes by 2002, but delivered only 12. Police have charged Mr Hora with breech of trust leading to damages of more than 100 million dollars to the Aero Vodochody firm.

Outgoing minister charged

Outgoing Minister for Information Technology, Vladimir Mlynar, has been charged by police for the alleged misuse of confidential information and property in establishing a private company handling certain aspects of government work. Mr Mlynar received notification from police on Monday but has denied any wrongdoing.


There is still more rain in the forecast over the coming days, with night time temperatures dropping to below freezing and even a chance of a little snowfall later in the week.