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19 injured in Polish bus accident

Nineteen Polish tourists were injured in a bus accident in the Moravian town of Mohelnice early on Sunday morning. Police say the roof of the double-decker bus was shaved off after the driver underestimated the height of a bridge. Six of the injured tourists had to be hospitalised; none of them are in critical condition. The tourists were coming back from a holiday in Croatia.

Kent's 'Piano Man' believed to be Czech

Two Czech artists believe the mute man, who Kent police are trying to identify after he was found wandering on an English beach last month, could be a Czech citizen. After examining a photograph, Michael Kocab and Klaudius Kryspin from the Czech 1980s and 1990s rock band Prazsky Vyber say the man is most probably their fellow musician Tomas Strnad. The man, now known as "Piano Man" was found in the southeastern town of Sheerness on April 7, soaking wet and wearing a suit and tie. He has not said a word since he was picked up but attracted quite a bit of media attention after he gave a virtuoso classical piano performance.

Temperatures in Prague and various Czech towns rise to record-highs

Prague meteorologists say temperatures rose to a record-high on Saturday with 31.8 degrees Celsius. The last record was reported 113 years ago in 1892 with 31.6 degrees Celsius. The towns of Hradec Kralove and Pardubice also reported record-high temperatures with 31.9 degrees Celsius and 32.5 degrees respectively. On Sunday, the Bohemian town of Ceske Budejovice recorded 32.2 degrees Celsius and meteorologists are expecting to report more record-high temperatures in Prague and other Czech towns and cities.

Man suffers serious burns in night tram

Police are investigating how a man caught fire in a Prague night tram on Saturday night. The man was saved and given first aid by the driver of the tram. He is now in hospital with first and second-degree burns on 25 percent of his body. Police say another man, who the driver saw flee the scene, could be responsible.

Psychiatric hospital's annual music and theatre festival underway in Prague

Some 150 of the country's finest music and theatre ensembles are performing at the Mezi Ploty, or Between Fences, cultural festival at Prague's Bohnice psychiatric hospital this week-end. Mezi Ploty is open to the public, with the aim of increasing awareness and understanding of mental illness, alcoholism and drug addiction. The festival is organised every year and has always enjoyed much popularity with some 20,000 visitors. Performers this year range from the underground Plastic People of the Universe to Czech Superstar (Czech Pop Idol) Aneta Langerova.


While Monday is expected to remain hot with temperatures between 30 and 34 degrees Celsius, showers and possibly even thunderstorms on Monday night will lower temperatures significantly to a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius on Tuesday.