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European leaders 'deadlocked' on EU budget

Leaders in negotiations at the European Union summit in Brussels have remained deadlocked at talks over the EU's long-term budget. At stake is the union's budget framework for the years 2007 - 2013. Outstanding issues that have come to the forefront include the future of the United Kingdom's budget rebate measured against farm subsidies. Diplomats have been saying that the prospect of a deal looks uncertain. Leaders have yet to decide whether it is worth continuing talks on Friday; some - like Sweden's prime minister - have recommended it would be better if a final decision on the budget were put off until 2006.

Czech PM on budget talks: negotiations not easy

In terms of Czech reaction Radio Prague spoke with Czech Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek: the Czech delegation in Brussels has been pushing for an agreement and the prime minister has said difficulties were hardly unexpected in such important talks.

"I'll say it with an example from history: [even] the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, after 1870, had budget talks every 10 years and it was always a 'crisis'. It's a normal thing: when we talk about the budget it's not easy."

Foreign Minister: Visegrad countries together

The Czech Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda, also in Brussels, has also reacted, saying that a failure to reach a deal on Friday could have a negative impact on new EU member states.

"If there is no deal today it could be difficult for the new member states. But, still, I believe that we are 'sitting at the same table'. I believe we have to reach a consensus on the financial proposal. And, if the proposal is against the new member states, then well we will say 'No'."

The foreign minister said that the Visegrad countries, of which the Czech Republic is a part, were more or less sticking together on a number of issues:

"There are some slight, differences, definitely: from the macro-economic point of view agriculture is currently not as important, but politically yes, politically definitely. Generally speaking we stick together."

Poll: Czechs would reject EU constitution if referendum were held today

Meanwhile, there are indications that the proposed EU constitution - put on something of a hold on Thursday - would not be approved by the majority of Czechs if a referendum were held in the Czech Republic today. That news comes according to a poll freshly released by the STEM agency suggesting that on 42 percent of voters would decide in favour, while 58 percent would decide against. According to pollsters the number of those in favour has dropped following "No" votes in France and the Netherlands cast the future of the treaty in doubt. Previously, around 60 percent of Czechs supported the treaty.

Property owners put forward more than 1,500 complaints in Strasbourg

Czech property owners have filed more than 1,500 complaints with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg over regulated rent in the Czech Republic. The deputy chairman of the Association for Property Owners, Milan Krcek, said the full number - 1,607 - was not yet final. House owners estimate that losses related to regulation are worth 40 billion crowns, the equivalent of 1.6 billion dollars US, since 2002. House owners say that funds from regulated rent are not sufficient to cover maintenance costs. They are asking for an immediate rise and pushing for rent to reflect real-market value by 2010.

Rent-regulation concerns some 750,000 apartments in the Czech Republic, about 20 percent of homes. About 300,000 are privately-owned.

Baros stays on at Liverpool

Czech striker Milan Baros has decided to stay on at his club FC Liverpool, fresh champions of this year's Champions League. French club Lyon had offered 15 million euros for the player, who was the most successful forward at Euro 2004. But, the player's agent said Baros preferred stay on in the English league. Baros is not expected to have it easy: last season his relationship with Spanish head coach Rafael Benitez was strained, and the coach has already indicated a preference for two strikers up front, most likely Morientes and Cisse.


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