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Detention centre sees arrival of first wards

A new detention centre for young offenders - the first of its kind in the Czech Republic - has seen the arrival of its first wards - two teenage boys, both guilty of murder. One of the boys, just 13, killed an elderly women, the other a young girl. Both of the interned will undergo psychiatric tests and extensive counselling, receiving special education, and allowed occasional visits. Authorities hope to be able to rehabilitate underage criminals by age 18. The new detention centre, specifically designed for young offenders, can intern up to 12 youths at one time. The centre is said to have been designed to appear less threatening than a prison, with for example, unbreakable glass windows instead of bars. At the same time, cameras monitor almost all areas: the exception being personal rooms and washroom areas.

CzechInvest helps set up new investments worth 25 billion crowns

A spokeswoman has revealed that the government agency CzechInvest mediated 70 new domestic and foreign investment projects in the first half of 2005 worth almost 25 billion crowns, or the equivalent of almost 1 billion dollars US. The investments are expected to create up to 8,000 new jobs in coming years. CzechInvest says the number of projects is ten higher than a year ago although the volume of investments has remained the same. Roughly a third of investors are heading for northern Bohemia, a region with the highest unemployment in the Czech Republic. The major investors include Germany, the US, the Czech Republic, and Great Britain. Major areas for investments are the auto industry, electronics, engineering, and chemicals and plastics.

Klaus signs wire-tap bill, giving Lower House greater control

President Vaclav Klaus signed into a bill on Monday giving the Lower House of Parliament greater freedom to check cases of police wire-tapping, or bugging. Until now the Lower House's commission monitoring police wiretapping required a 'go ahead' from the Interior Minister. Under the legislation the commission will be allowed to check the details of any wiretapping case, whether ordered by the courts or by state attorneys.

Czech swimmer missing off Croatian coast

Two helicopters, the Croatian coastguard, as well as a number of volunteers have been searching for a Czech tourist who went missing on Sunday off the Croatian coast, near the island of Brac. The young tourist was reportedly swimming with an inflatable mattress when he was pushed out into the Adriatic by 100 kilometre winds. So far authorities have searched an area of approximately sixteen square kilometres but have been unable to find any sign of the swimmer.

The incident is similar to other developments on Sunday when, for example, a group of four Czech tourists was also swept out on an inflatable mattress and raft - but was rescued.

Jana Novotna to be inducted to Tennis Hall of Fame

Czech tennis player Jana Novotna, a fresh winner of the women's "over-35" doubles with Tracy Austin at Wimbledon on Saturday, will be inducted to the Tennis Hall of Fame. Novotna, who won 16 grandslam doubles and mixed-doubles titles throughout her career, will be inducted along with players Jim Courier and Yannick Noah. Novotna's most emotional win and career peak came in 1998 when she won the Wimbledon singles final.


Meteorologists are warning that parts of the Czech Republic could see heavy rain on Monday evening throughout Tuesday and some minor flood warnings are in effect. Later in the week should see the return of warmer, sunnier weather with average daytime temperatures of around 24 degrees Celsius.