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Police chief Kolar interested in diplomatic post in Slovakia

Czech Police Chief Jiri Kolar, who will be leaving office next Monday, has expressed interest in a diplomatic post in Slovakia. Mr Kolar is considering taking up the post of liaison officer at the Czech Embassy in Bratislava, which opens as of January 1, 2006. Liaison officers only enjoy the diplomatic rank during their service abroad. They mainly act as mediators between the police forces of the Czech Republic and the country they are serving in, and coordinate joint operations to fight crimes such as drug trafficking, money laundering, corruption, terrorism, or organised crime. There are only three countries where the Czech Republic has liaison officers - Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia.

Mr Kolar resigned as President of the Czech Police in June, after a multi-millionaire managed to escape custody.

Smaller parties agree to join forces and win local elections

Six smaller centre-right parties have signed an agreement to cooperate and win the local elections in Prague next year. Their aim is to offer Prague voters what they call a "liberal alternative", and their commitment to a pro-European programme that supports lower taxes, the protection of the environment, education and the fight against corruption. The parties involved include the Freedom Union, Green Party, European Democrats, and the Civic Democratic Alliance.

Police arrest organised crime boss wanted for series of murders

The Czech police say they have arrested a highly dangerous man, who has been hiding from the authorities in the Czech Republic. Refusing to disclose any other information, the spokesman for the Czech police revealed that the man is the head of an international organised crime group, who was sentenced to life for a number of murders.

League of Gays and Lesbians collects signatures for same-sex partnership petition

Some 1,200 people have signed a petition asking Parliament to pass a law permitting same-sex registered partnerships. Organised by the Czech League of Gays and Lesbians, it is the second attempt to influence deputies. Last year, the League forwarded Parliament a petition with 4,000 signatures. However, the law was not passed, missing only one vote. Lower house deputies are expected to hold another vote on the issue in the autumn, after their summer break.

Sebrle misses out on gold at World Athletics Championships in Helsinki

Czech Olympic champion Roman Sebrle has missed out on a gold medal in the decathlon at the World Athletics Championships in Helsinki. Sebrle finished second behind his biggest rival, Bryan Clay of the USA, after some poor results on the second day of the competition. Fellow Czech and three-time world champion Tomas Dvorak finished in eighth place. Roman Sebrle's silver in the decathlon is the Czech Republic's first medal from Helsinki.

Slavia lose to Anderlecht but hold out hope for second leg

Slavia Prague have been beaten 2:1 away by Belgium's Anderlecht in the first leg of the final qualifying round for football's Champions League. Slavia - whose only goal came from Karel Jarolim - performed well, and will be hopeful they can overcome Anderlecht in the second leg in Prague in two weeks' time. The Prague club have never reached the Champions League, the most prestigious club competition in world football.


The next few days are expected to be partially cloudy with occasional showers. Temperatures will stay around 23 degrees Celsius until the end of the week.