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PM: removal of Supreme State Attorney would not be prudent political decision

The Czech Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek has said that the removal from office of the Supreme State Attorney Marie Benesova now would not be a prudent political decision as the public would connect it with case of the Qatari Prince Hamid Adbul Sani who was extradited to Qatar after being sentenced by a Prague court for sex with underage girls. The case was a culmination of a long-standing dispute between the Supreme State Attorney and Justice Minister Pavel Nemec who has demanded her removal from office.

Earlier this week, Justice Minister Pavel Nemec called on Ms Benesova to resign over their latest disagreement, but Ms Benesova refused to do so. Saturday's edition of the daily Pravo wrote that a likely candidate to replace Marie Benesova was Jiri Vyvadil, a judge of the Supreme Administrative Court. Prime Minister Paroubek dismissed the speculation.

Finnish paper comments on Czech government's conciliatory gesture

The Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat in its Sunday edition appreciates the Czech Government's apology to Sudeten German antifascists describing it as an important example for Europe. The daily writes that the Czech government has made a small but right step in this matter, adding that such examples are needed in Europe as a similar dispute still burdens Polish-German relations. The Finnish paper also says the primary task of European political leaders in not to demand acknowledgment or compensation in international disputes but help accurate information to come to light.

Topolanek to run for parliament in Prague

The chairman of the right-of-centre opposition Civic Democratic Party Mirek Topolanek has announced he will probably run for a parliament seat in the Prague constituency in the general elections scheduled for mid-next year. The Prime Minister and probable election leader of the Social Democrats Jiri Paroubek would like the Deputy Prime Minister for Economy Martin Jahn to lead the party's Prague ticket.

Ruptured water main floods entrance hall of Mustek metro station

A part of the entrance hall of Mustek station of Prague metro was flooded on Sunday afternoon after a water pipe burst in the vicinity. As water was running down the escalators police closed the northern entrance to the station. The Prague Water Supply and Sewerage Company said the water was coming from the same spot where a large cavity formed underneath the roadway in Vodickova Street in January.

Czech tourist dies in Slovak mountains

A Czech tourist died in the West Tatra Mountains in Slovakia on Saturday after he fell off a mountain peak. The local mountain rescue service confirmed the 65-year old man was the second Czech to have died in the Tatras this year.


We can expect hot and sunny weather in the next few of days with daytime temperatures reaching highs of 30 degrees Celsius.