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President criticises NGOs

The Czech President Vaclav Klaus has once again criticised non-governmental organisations, or NGOs. Speaking at a business conference on Saturday Mr Klaus likened so-called "NGOism" to communist ideology, saying that he considered non-governmental organisations 'dangerous' and 'undemocratic'. Earlier this year, at the Council of Europe summit in Warsaw, Mr Klaus made similar statements describing the role of NGOs in what he has called 'post-democracy'. His words then provoked strong reaction, with many NGO representatives calling on the president to apologise. But, the president did not comply.

Jahn to run for Social Democrats in Prague

The Deputy Prime Minister for the Economy Martin Jahn, not affiliated with any political party, is a step closer to leading the Social Democratic Party in the Prague riding in national elections next year. If he takes the post, he will face off against right-of-centre Civic Democratic Party leader Miroslav Topolanek. An overwhelming majority of the Social Democrats' regional executive committee put forward Jahn's name on Saturday.

Not all within the Social Democratic Party agree with the decision: some members say that choosing an independent candidate for Prague will play into political opponents' hands.

Czech-owned plane makes unscheduled landing in Brno

A Boeing 737 operated by the Czech-owned charter carrier Travel Service was forced to make an unscheduled landing on Saturday due to technical problems. The plane landed in the city of Brno while en route to the Greek island of Crete. According to the carrier, none of the 180 passengers or crew suffered injury. A replacement plane then took passengers on to their original destination.

Travel Service is the Czech Republic's biggest domestic charter carrier. On September 1st another of company's 737 experienced problems en route to Alicante, Spain, forced to make an emergency landing in France.

Four Czech soldiers injured in Kuwait

Four Czech soldiers were injured in Kuwait on Friday evening - one of them seriously - when their vehicle, a Land Rover, flipped on its side. A tire defect was responsible for the accident. All four men were hospitalised but three were released on Saturday. The fourth remains in critical condition.

The Czech Republic has a number of soldiers in the region: around 100 military police are stationed training police officers in neighbouring Iraq.

Zelezny fourth at World Athletics final in Monte Carlo

Czech javelin thrower and three-time Olympic Gold medal champion Jan Zelezny finished 4th on Saturday at the World Athletics final in Monte Carlo. The world-record holder threw a distance of 83.98 metres but finished just behind Makarov of Russia. Thorkildsen of Norway was 2nd, while Finland's Pitkamaki was 1st.


Thundershowers are expected with daytime temperatures over the next few days ranging from 21 - 25 degrees Celsius.