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Paroubek: Czech Republic wants non-permanent seat on UN Security Council

Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek has said the Czech Republic would like to fill one of the non-permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council in the years 2008 and 2009. Mr Paroubek was speaking in New York as the UN's annual General Assembly got underway; he said the Czech Republic could be awarded the place thanks to its participation in UN peace missions and its Democracy Fund, and the country's active role in defending human rights and the fight against international terrorism. He rejected suggestions membership of the Security Council would be too expensive for the Czech Republic.

Czech soldiers to restrict movement in Iraq for security reasons

Czech military police in Iraq are to operate in only one base, for security reasons, the commander of the 8th regiment said on Friday. The training of Iraqi policemen will now take place where the Czech MPs are housed, the Shaiba base in the south of the country. Previously the Czech soldiers had to drive eight miles to a training centre on dangerous roads.

Plaque unveiled on site of 1805 Battle of Three Emperors

A plaque has been unveiled in Slavkov, south Moravia, on the site of the famous Battle of the Three Emperors, which took place in 1805. The venue, known internationally as Austerlitz, was the scene of Napoleon Bonaparte's most famous victory, when he destroyed the armies of Russia and Austria, despite having fewer soldiers.

President Klaus vetoes bill on witness immunity

President Vaclav Klaus has vetoed a law under which accused felons could have received legal immunity in return for their testimony in serious criminal cases. Mr Klaus refused to sign the bill on the grounds that it had been previously rejected by the Senate; he said the consent of both houses of parliament was necessary for such an important piece of legislation. It will now be returned to the Chamber of Deputies.

Grenbenicek makes no mention of "resignation" at Communist festival

The chairman of the Communist Party, Miroslav Grebenicek, made no mention of his stated intention to resign during a speech at a festival organised by the Communist newspaper Halo noviny. Mr Grebenicek said less than a week ago he was going to step down as party leader. During Saturday's address, however, he merely said the Communists should "pull on the same rope".

Low turnout for ParoubTek protest techno festival

A techno music festival entitled ParoubTek intended as a protest against the police's break-up of a previous festival, CzechTek, has not attracted large crowds. On Saturday evening around 500 dancers were reported to be at the event, which is being held at the same venue in west Bohemia as CzechTek.

Prague public transport system celebrates 130th anniversary

The Prague public transport system held an open day on Saturday, marking the 130th anniversary of its foundation. The city's first, horse-drawn tram went into operation in September 1875; its route was from the National Theatre to Karlin.

Jukebox memorial to underground rocker Hlavsa opened in Prague

A memorial to underground rock musician Milan "Mejla" Hlavsa has been opened at a building on Prague's Jecna Street where he lived during the 1970s. The memorial is in the form of a jukebox which, for ten crowns, plays his best-known song, "Muchomurky bile".

Czech footballer Skacel sets new goals record in Scottish league

Czech football player Rudolf Skacel has set a new record in the Scottish Premier League, after scoring in seven games in a row. Skacel, who is 26, scored the only goal of Hearts' game against Inverness on Saturday.


It should be cloudy with sunny spells and some showers over the next couple of days. Temperatures are expected to reach up to 20 degrees Celsius.