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Czech TV: Czech anti-chemical unit likely to provide protection at summer Olympic Games

Speaking to a spokeswoman from NATO's supreme European command on Friday public broadcaster Czech TV reported it likely that the Czechs' elite anti-chemical unit, based in Liberec, north Bohemia, will provide protection at this summer's Olympic Games. NATO spokeswoman Michaela Cvanova told Czech TV that Athens - hosting the Games - was counting on Czech support to help protect against potential terrorist threats. The broadcaster reported some 120 specialists from NATO's multi-national battalion - of which the core group is Czech - would serve in Greece during the Games. Czech chief of staff Pavel Stefka also confirmed on Friday that preparations were being made, although the Czech Republic has yet to receive an official request. According to Czech TV, NATO's NBC unit could be in Greece within three weeks; the expected cost of the mission will be 50 million crowns.

Police close down music venue in Liberec, north Bohemia

Following a raid on Monday Czech police have now closed a music bar in Liberec, north Bohemia, said to have been used as an outlet for the distribution of illegal drugs. On Monday some forty officers moved in to arrest the 35-year-old proprietor of the venue, as well as a 20-year-old waiter, allegedly involved in the sale of marijuana and hashish. A sniffer-dog found 120 packages of high-quality marijuana, worth 150, 000 crowns, on the premises, while seventeen customers in the bar discovered to have cannabis and drug paraphernalia and were taken in for questioning. Two-thirds of those were found to be under the age of eighteen while nine had traces of cannabis in their blood. Police are now investigating whether drugs were sold to anyone under the age of fifteen. The owner of the bar has been remanded in custody.

Czech Foreign Ministry to increase personnel at Moscow consulate

The Czech Foreign Ministry has announced plans to increase personnel at the Czech consulate in Moscow in order to meet a sudden increase in the number of Russians applying for Czech visas. The decision has come on the heels of complaints by several Russian travel agencies that contend they had to cancel several group vacations because visas had not been issued on time. Foreign Ministry spokesman Vit Kolar has said that the problem resulted in part thanks to new European Union regulations affecting the Czech Republic as of May 1st.

Doktor secures spots in 200 sprint and 500 metres canoeing event at European Championship

Canoeist Martin Doktor has secured a spot in the 200 metres canoeing sprint at the European Championship on Sunday, as well as the 500 metre event. The famous Czech canoeist has now also secured a bronze in the 1000 metre event, coming in just thousandths of a second behind Spaniard Cal. Germany's Dittmer came in first, edging both Cal and Doktor by more than two seconds.


Sunday is expected to be cloudy with sunny intervals and a daytime temperature of 13 degrees Celsius.