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Czech and Slovak anti-chemical unit sees action in Kuwait

Members of the joint Czech-Slovak anti-chemical unit stationed in Kuwait were called on to investigate a missile attack on Kuwait city on Thursday on suspicion that it may have contained a biological or chemical warhead. A chemical alert was called in the Kuwaiti capital as initial tests did not rule out the possibility of a biological weapons attack. However a detailed analysis of the suspicious substance revealed a harmless type of bacteria which is generally present in water cleaning facilities. The head of the Czech anti-chemical unit Dusan Lupuljev said it had been a tense morning.

Czechs to deliver humanitarian aid to Turkey

The Czech Republic will answer Turkey's request for humanitarian aid. An aid package worth an estimated 5 million Czech crowns will be sent by the end of the week. The emergency aid is to help refugees fleeing the war in Iraq. The shipment includes field kitchens, tents, and blankets. According to the CTK press agency the Czech Republic has said it would be willing to accept 500 war refuges at this point in time. In a related development, the Czech Defence Minister Jaroslav Tvrdik said on Thursday that in the event of a humanitarian crisis in Iraq the Czech Republic would not wait for UN approval to dispatch a field hospital to the region. The field hospital should be ready to depart as of April 1st.

Special unit sent to protect chemical experts

A unit of specialised forces have left for Kuwait to protect the joint Czech-Slovak anti-chemical unit if it should be called upon to enter Iraqi territory. The specialised unit includes sixteen soldiers from the Czech Republic's elite forces based in Prostejov, central Moravia. The Czech-Slovak anti-chemical unit would only be allowed to enter Iraq to provide humanitarian aid if chemical or biological weapons were used in the war. Following consultations with US officials the Czech Republic decided to give the anti-chemical unit additional protection in light of an increase in guerrilla war tactics by Iraq against the allied forces.

Dane sentenced in absentia

A Czech court has found Danish national Mads Traerup guilty of assaulting a police officer during the street riots that accompanied an IMF/World Bank meeting in Prague in 2000. The court banned the twenty one year old from entering the Czech Republic for a five year period. He was sentenced in absentia.

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Friday should be warm and sunny with afternoon highs between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius.