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Czech ambassador to Kuwait to attend talks on interim government for Iraq

The Czech ambassador to Kuwait, Jana Hybaskova, is to represent the Czech Republic at a conference in Baghdad on the establishment of an interim government in Iraq. Representatives of the United States, Great Britain, Spain, Australia and Poland are also due to attend, though Ms Hybaskova said it was not yet clear whether the conference would begin on Sunday evening or Monday. Foreign Ministry spokesman Vit Kolar said on Saturday the Czechs had been invited due to their experience in transformation from a totalitarian state to a democracy.

Svoboda apologises to Zahradil over European Convention allegation

The foreign minister, Cyril Svoboda, has apologised to Jan Zahradil of the opposition Civic Democrats for comments he made about Mr Zahradil's participation in the European Convention. Mr Svoboda said in an interview on Tuesday that Mr Zahradil had not delivered even one speech to the convention, an allegation which turned out to be unfounded. Mr Zahradil is one of three Czech representatives at the convention, which is trying to decide on the future shape of the European Union. It is due to present a draft constitutional treaty at a European summit in Greece in two months' time.

President Klaus to appoint Christian Democrat Vyborny to Constitutional Court

President Vaclav Klaus is to appoint Christian Democrat MP Miloslav Vyborny to the Constitutional Court in the next few days, a spokesman for Mr Klaus said on Sunday. Mr Vyborny will replace Zdenek Kessler, who resigned from the Constitutional Court in February for health reasons. Mr Vyborny will give up his seat in the Chamber of Deputies to party colleague Pavel Severa.

Opposition to war against Iraq still high, suggests poll

The collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime has done little to change opposition among the Czech public to the war, according to a poll released on Friday by the CVVM polling agency. The latest poll, conducted in mid-April, suggests 70 percent of Czechs oppose the US-led war. A poll conducted in early March just before the war began suggested 72 percent of Czechs were against it. Of the 24 percent who said they were for the war in the latest poll, one third said it was necessary to remove Saddam Hussein while almost a quarter said it was a justifiable means of fighting terrorism.

Police hunt women accused of kidnap, forcing teenager into prostitution

Police in Karvina, north Moravia, are searching for three women suspected of kidnapping a teenage girl and forcing her into prostitution. Police said the women's victim, who is 16, escaped from the flat where she was being held captive on Thursday, over a month after she was kidnapped.

Czechs no match for Williams sisters, losing 2:0 in Fed Cup tie

The Czech Republic's women's tennis team is trailing hosts the United States 2:0 in the first round of the Fed Cup World Group. In the first day of the tie on Saturday Daja Bedanova was beaten 6:1 6:0 by Venus Williams of the US, whose sister Serena beat Iveta Benesova 7:5 6:1.


Monday should see sunny spells around the country and a maximum temperature of 22 degrees Celsius.