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Svoboda: new Czech security strategy to curtail role of UN

Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda, who is accompanying Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla on his US trip, has said the draft of the Czech Republic's new security strategy, which will be discussed by the government on Monday, will insist less on the role of international organisations, including the United Nations, in the solution of international conflict. Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla voiced a similar view in his speech delivered at Rice University in Houston, Texas on Thursday. Mr Spidla said that when consensus on international problems was sought, NATO was much more flexible.

Five EU candidates, Austria agree on regional cooperation

The interior ministers of five EU candidate countries and Austria meeting at the "Salzburg Forum 2003" agreed on Saturday on concerted strategy in pushing for their interests after EU enlargement. The interior ministers of Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia agreed on the need for cooperation in the sphere of security. In a joint statement the ministers agreed on the importance of a harmonised European asylum and migration system, an integrated administration of external borders as well coordinated struggle against terrorism and organised crime.

Czech military policeman sustains slight injury in Iraq

A Czech military policeman has been slightly injured in the Iraqi city of Basra. He sustained the injury trying to restrain an Iraqi suspect attempting to escape from a boat in Basra harbour, a spokesman for the Czech military field hospital based in the city said on Friday.

Jehovah's Witnesses meet, baptise new members

About 14,000 Jehovah's Witnesses met at Prague's Rosicky Stadium on Saturday to watch new members of the religious association being baptised. Almost 160, mostly young, men and women were baptised in two swimming pools at the stadium, which according to spokesman Emil Kral was the most important part of the three-day meeting of the followers of the association. The 2001 census registered 23,000 Jehovah's Witnesses in the Czech Republic, making them the fourth most populous church in the country.

Man shoots neighbour dead over loud TV, commits suicide

A thirty-nine-year-old mother-of-two was shot dead on Friday afternoon in front of her house in Hlucin near Opava, North Moravia. The attacker was the woman's sixty-nine-year old neighbour who had allegedly complained of loud music coming from the woman's flat. After the shooting, the man barricaded himself in his flat where he attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head. He died of his injuries in hospital on Saturday morning, as doctors were unable to save his life.


Sunday is going to be another hot and sunny day with temperatures soaring to 31 degrees Celsius.