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Killer may go home

A judge's decision may allow Jiri Pasovsky, who admitted to killing the Nigerian consul in Prague, to cut short his voluntary stay in a Prague mental hospital and return home. A municipal court judge on Friday rejected a prosecutor's request to commit the 72 year old Pasovsky to a mental asylum. The judge also delayed further legal action pending a court review of a diplomatic protest from the Nigerian government. Nigeria is demanding a criminal trial for Pasovsky, who admitted to shooting the consul last February in what he described as "a moment of insanity" caused by the loss of his entire savings in a soured investment scheme. A doctor recommended out patient treatment at a Prague asylum but Pasovsky entered the mental hospital voluntarily on his lawyer's advice. Nigeria closed down its embassy in Prague shortly after it became clear the consul's killer would not stand trial.

PM to meet with rebel deputy

The Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla is to meet with rebel government deputy Josef Hojdar later today to persuade him to support the government's fiscal reform plan. At a press conference at the Social Democratic Party headquarters in Prague on Friday morning the Prime Minister said he was confident that the government's budget proposal for 2004 and the planned reforms would win approval in the Lower House. "I will listen to Mr. Hojdar's arguments and I will give him mine. I think that this meeting can reach its goal" Mr. Spidla said. With the exception of Mr. Hojdar all coalition deputies have pledged to vote in favour of the proposed reforms. The Lower House of Parliament will debate the reform package on September 23rd, the budget will be on the agenda in October.

Bugging device found at Union Banka

An active bugging device has been discovered on the premises of the Czech bank Union Banka which went bankrupt earlier this year. The device was allegedly found under a window ledge in one of the bank's frequently used boardrooms. Police who are investigating the case say it was a fairly simple device available for a couple of hundred crowns. It is not clear for what length of time it had been active. Union Banka, based in the north Moravian city of Ostrava, was forced to close all of its braches in February, saying that it was not able to meet its financial obligations.

Dog attacks child

There has been a fresh case of an attack on a young child by a dog. Ten year old Dominik was out playing with his friends when the Shepard dog, belonging to a neighbour, attacked. The boy said later he tried to run away but fell over and the dog bit him badly all over his back and legs. He wouldn't let go even when his master came over and tried to pull him off, Dominik told the police. This is the latest in a series of attacks by dogs allowed to roam freely without a muzzle and leash. Police are still investigating a recent case in which a Labrador mauled to death a little girl.

Marihuana bust

Police in north Moravia have discovered eight modern marihuana growing facilities in private houses and garages, confiscating more than 200 marihuana plants and dried marihuana leaves, ready for distribution. Four people have been detained for questioning. A gram of marihuana sells for 160 crowns on the black market.


The weekend is expected to be warm and sunny, with clear to partly cloudy skies and day temperatures between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius.