Prague among most popular destinations on Airbnb


Prague has become one of the most popular destinations among Airbnb travellers. More than 10,000 people in the Czech Republic are currently offering their rooms or flats for rent via the Airbnb home-rental site, which is an 86 percent increase on the previous year, the economic daily E15 reported on Wednesday. According to the data provided by Airbnb, Czechs accommodated some 362,000 guests in 2015.

Photo: Jiří Roun, fotokartmen.czPhoto: Jiří Roun, Last year, visitors from 145 countries searched for accommodation in the Czech Republic via the world's largest accommodation provide, Airbnb. Europeans accounted for 66 percent of all guests. Most of them came from Germany, followed by the French and Brits.

The most popular destination among Airbnb travellers is London, followed by Paris in the second place. Prague shares third spot with Rome and Barcelona.

According to the Airbnb survey, one fifth of visitors who came to Prague would not go there or spend less time there if they hadn’t found accommodation though Airbnb, Andrew Verbitsky, the head of Airbnb section for Eastern Europe, told

Most of the accommodation offers, more than 7,000, are in the Czech capital. The second most popular town is Liberec, followed by Karlovy Vary and Brno.

Czechs also use the world's largest accommodation provider as guests. Last year, some 110,000 Czechs found accommodation via Airbnb. Most of them travelled to Italy, US and France.

Czechs users are also specific for searching for domestic accommodation offers. Over the summer, many people rent their cottages and summer houses and these offers were the third most searched among Czechs.

Airbnb, a website for people to list, find and rent lodging, was established in 2008 in San Francisco. At the moment, it offers over two million rooms or apartments in 34, 000 towns and 190 countries. Airbnb currently has a value of 25.5 billion US dollars, which makes it the third highest valued start-up in the world.

The Czech-language version of Airbnb was launched in 2012 but the first accommodation offer in Prague appeared as early as in 2008.