Czechs urged to stay home in Tourist Authority campaign


The Czech Tourist Authority has launched a campaign to encourage Czechs not to go abroad on their holidays but rather spend their vacations in the many remarkable places their home country has to offer. As part of the "Beautiful Country" project, Czech celebrities are cycling 1,500 km to encourage people to "discover home".

Cycling in southern MoraviaCycling in southern Moravia About three times more Czechs this year have decided to spend their summer holidays abroad rather than in the Czech Republic. From July 14 to August 13, a number of famous personalities from politics, sport and culture will take turns to cycle around the Czech Republic to draw attention to unusually beautiful and interesting places. According to the Tourist Authority's press secretary Hana Cermakova, there is a very rich and wide selection of places to go but Czechs often do not know about them and end up looking for the same thing, in other countries:

"One can actually enjoy a cheaper and possibly even more varied holiday here in the Czech Republic. Czech tourists also gain from the friendly atmosphere and the lack of a language barrier. As far as time is concerned, it does not take long to reach destinations and one can visit different places in less time, especially since buses and trains go almost everywhere. There are numerous things to see and do. These include all kinds of water activities, walks, various festivals, spas, horse riding, and interesting sites. Today, tourists can also enjoy the modern forms of leisure activities such as adrenaline sports, golf, flying, and so on."

The thirty-day tour follows a 1,500 km route and passes by some four hundred interesting places. It goes through historic towns and cultural centres, a beautiful natural environment, spa towns, places of pilgrimage, castles, chateaux and UNESCO world heritage sites. Anyone can take part in this symbolic tour. There are also numerous accompanying events such as concerts and exhibitions.