Coalition leaders meet to discuss future of government


The leaders of the three ruling coalition parties have failed to come to a compromise over the future of the government at a joint meeting in Prague on Wednesday. The coalition of the Social Democrats, the Christian Democrats, and the Freedom Union, has been threatening to break up, following internal disagreement over whether Prime Minister Stanislav Gross should remain in office. Mr Gross has been in hot water after failing to explain how he was able to pay for his flat in Prague six years ago.

Fearing the scandal would damage the coalition's image, the junior Christian Democrats have called onto Mr Gross to be removed from office. However, the prime minister's party, the Social Democrats, say he has their full support and would be willing to lead a minority government without the Christian Democrats. The third coalition partner, the Freedom Union, is not in favour of a minority government and some Freedom Union senators have joined the Christian Democrats in their call for Mr Gross' resignation.