Czech Cardinal filing appeal over showing of Frljić play depicting Jesus as a rapist


Cardinal Dominik Duka reportedly plans to appeal a Brno city court’s rejection of his criminal complaint against local theatre groups over the staging of a play by Croatian director Oliver Frljić.

At one point in the Frljić play in question, called “Our Violence, Your Violence”, an actor depicting Jesus rapes a Muslim woman. In another scene, a naked Muslim woman slowly pulls a bloody Czech national flag out of her vagina.

Cardinal Duka says the play, performed last year, amounted to an attack on his rights to freedom of religion, dignity and honour as guaranteed under the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The Brno city court ruled that the scenes were allegorical and could not be seen as violating anyone’s individual rights. Czech Television reports Cardinal Duka plans to file an appeal with the Brno district court.