Czech foreign minister: Prague working to improve V4 image in EU


The Czech Republic’s priority in chairing the Visegrad Group is to show other EU members that the alliance has a positive agenda and a worthy contribution to make in addressing the problems of the European Union, Czech Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček said in an interview for the CTK news agency assessing the first six months of the country’s lead role in the V4.

Petříček said he thought the Czech Republic was quite successful in smoothing out problems and showing the V4 in a constructive light, rather than a troublemaker as some have perceived it in the past.

He highlighted a recent meeting of the V4 with the Benelux states and an upcoming meeting with the Baltic States.

Petříček noted that while the V4 helped defend Czech interests in the EU, it was not the only platform on which the country operated, stressing the importance of talks with France on security and defence and those with Germany on trade and energy issues.