Czech inventors develop Proximity monitor — device resembling wristwatch that helps maintain social distancing


While coronavirus lockdown measures are gradually being lifted in a multitude of countries across the world, many governments are still advising their citizens to maintain social distancing. Now, Czech inventors Michal Kuzmiak and Tomáš Ječný have developed the Proximity monitor, a device that resembles a wristwatch that begins vibrating and flashes a red light as soon as it detects the same device in a set proximity, news site reported on Thursday.

The authors say the Proximity monitor functions up to a distance of 10 meters, but has been set up to vibrate at 2 meters upon recommendation from hygienists. The device needs to be charged once a week.

Michal Kuzmiak says the device could be especially useful in communities such as care homes, or medical facilities, which house those most at risk from the COVID-19 coronavirus.