Czech military base in Logar comes under attack


The Czech military base in the Afghan province Logar came under rocket fire on Monday night. No injuries are reported. Six rockets were fired at the base, home to the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team, but only one of them hit its target. Czech troops fired back and detained four insurgents whom they later handed over to the Afghan authorities. This is the fourth attack on the base in the past two weeks. Ten Czech soldiers were injured in two of the previous attacks. The Czech government wants to send 200 more troops to the base to improve security. However, it is not clear if the plan will win approval since the opposition parties are unwilling to support it, saying that the country needs to review its goals in Afghanistan and even consider withdrawing its troops from the country.

An opinion poll conducted by the STEM agency suggests that the majority of Czechs are against sending more troops to Afghanistan. Two thirds of respondents said they did not agree with the government’s plan.