Czech prime minister rejects results of audit, says he did not violate any laws


Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said in reaction to the news that he had not violated any Czech or European laws and rejected claims that Brussels had asked for subsidies granted to Agrofert to be returned.

Babiš said he was shocked by the reports in the Czech media, stressing that the audit was a preliminary draft which the Czech Republic would respond to.

The spokesman for Agrofert, the agro-chemical business empire that is at the center of the case, said that the conglomerate, comprising more than 200 firms, had proceeded strictly according to the law in the matter of all European and national subsidies received. He said the conglomerate had not been contacted by the European Commission over the matter of returning subsidies.

Agrofert is one of the biggest recipients of both EU and national subsidies in the country.