German president in Prague for talks


German President Christian Wulff has arrived in Prague for a day of talks with top Czech officials. Speaking after a meeting with President Václav Klaus, Mr Wulff again addressed a recent debate over the aftermath of WWII, saying that the crimes of Nazism against the Czechs could not be compared with the post-war expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia, and that the time was right for a debate to be held on the matter. Mr Klaus said following the meeting that relations between the two countries were at an historic high. Mr Wulff’s talks with the Czech president and PM are expected to focus on bilateral relations, EU matters and the outcome of the recent NATO summit in Lisbon. Two problem issues that have been highlighted by the Czech side are the restriction of the German job market for Czechs, which is to expire in May 2011, and the often humiliating road checks which Czech drivers are subjected to in Bavaria.