Half of suspect Polish beef deliveries traced


Half of the suspect beef deliveries from Poland have been sent back to the country or seized and destroyed, the Czech Veterinary Authority said on Saturday.

According to earlier reports some 300 kg of suspect beef from a Polish slaughterhouse where sick cows were butchered were exported to the Czech Republic.

One hundred kilograms of the meat was reportedly sent back to Poland at the request of a Polish tradesman. The Czech authorities said some of the meat had already been sold to customers or delivered to restaurants and school canteens.

The Czech Union of Meat Processors has urged its members to avoid using Polish meat products until the case has been cleared up. Likewise the public has been advised to check the origin of meat products and focus on domestic produce.

The consignments of suspect Polish meat were delivered to four cities: Prague, Varnsdorf, Nový Bydžov and Kostelec nad Labem.

According to the European Commission suspect Polish beef deliveries were traced in 14 EU member states.